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  1. "Reducing Entropy" -- Is it worth it?
  2. Christmas Presents...
  3. hearing loss- could kill her
  4. Just a few days....
  5. think you had a bad day?
  6. seen my old boss today
  7. Abilene gold shop shooting
  8. woman are crazy
  9. are you smarter than a fifth grader?
  10. What's Really Important
  11. Jim Kunstler "Long Emergency" PDF
  12. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  13. Liftoff Successful
  14. It is strange if you do not want to be more reliant on the .gov
  15. We Cannot Continue On This Path Much Longer
  16. JPMorgan and EBT cards
  17. A VAT or "Fair" Tax would Finish Off America's Middle Class by Charleston Voice - Knology Published
  18. check out this incredulous AARP retirement advice!~
  19. change in driving agility?
  20. SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News, December 9, 2012 Edition
  21. Give Us Some of That Gov’t ‘Bacon’
  22. Senate Unanimously Passes 2013 NDAA; Power to Arrest Americans Remains
  23. worried about house taxes-
  24. Amsterdam to create 'scum villages'
  25. Anyone know about MLPs?
  26. Wipe Out Humans - Bill Gates - Vaccines are "Best Way" to Depopulate Planet
  27. Dr. Albert A. Bartlett
  28. Northumberland police officer files federal suit against borough Posted by Ali Stevens on Thursda
  29. Immutable Golden Laws, Central Bank Extremes, Gold Standard Recall
  30. closing a chapter from June here
  31. Net Worth
  32. The madness of a lost society 3
  33. $0.99 cent store mobbed for black friday! lol
  34. lol- hire a fake girlfriend for $5
  35. Ratio of home prices to annual income
  36. Long Island Power Authority Sends Estimated Bills To Customers Who Went Weeks Without Electricity No
  37. Woman brutally beaten by girlfriend's disapproving brother on Thanksgiving Day Mallory Owens is reco
  38. $300,000 In Gold Dust Lost In Sacramento
  39. [Animated Charts] China's demographic transformation (1950-2050) due to 1 child policy
  40. When The Economy Collapses In The USA, The People Go Shopping!
  41. $300,000 In Gold Dust Found In Sacramento Home During HVAC Installation
  42. Thanksgiving blues, the re-mix
  43. Ann Barnhardt, good utube
  44. weather control/warfare quotes
  45. fat wallet-click- ebay-rebate is back
  46. dealing with the elderly-
  47. LOL government
  48. another aunt- maybe some advice on this one-
  49. Im feeling good over a chicken sale!
  50. Ron Paul's farewell speech LIVE on CSPAN 3pm ET (11-14)
  51. Good Night, Vietnam Why this Emory prof is studying the sleeping habits of villagers halfway around
  52. Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold
  53. Earthquakes
  54. CNN to use my comment
  55. secesson
  56. a look abck at our sign bomb!
  57. ron paul cosponsors impeachment bill
  58. craziest morning of 2012!
  59. The Republicans Received Justice
  60. ALERT: The DTCC's $36.5 TRILLION Flood Fraud** Bix Weir & Andy Hoffman
  61. I wrote in Dr Paul
  62. TSA humor for today
  63. Random 1,000th post
  64. complain about your phone here!
  65. anyone want to call the race?
  66. [VIDEO] USA Inc. - US fed. goverment finances examined (45 minutes)
  67. Awesome Halloween!
  68. What is wrong with the U.S.
  69. I kinda love Texas right now
  70. is anyone a programmer (python)?
  71. East coast in a panic over storm
  72. chapter 7 red tape
  73. Saturday mini rant
  74. my house payment went down $1
  75. Three o' yuz helped me, now I help yuz!
  76. NCTC's disposition matrix - the eye of sauron
  77. showed the house- now a trainwreck-
  78. Nigel Farage dispensing more NWO truthiness (Brexit thread)
  79. Hurricane Sandy...
  80. house sale- idea is planted-
  81. Hilarious: "Obama Supporter Interviews Herself"
  82. she buys stuff and then returns it
  83. rotten blood pressure!~
  84. I made a new a new GIF
  85. you cant go home- or can you. no
  86. invasive trees- bah
  87. Kelly Clarkson: “I'm probably voting for Obama again… I can't support Romney ... Dallas Morning News
  88. 20 s slang- MUST
  89. food dehydrator
  90. looking for idea- house loan programs
  91. why do people only see negative in life?
  92. Seasons/coin shop/ Qs/tom stand/house sign
  93. You're on your own....
  94. annoyed- on 2 aunts
  95. Another dead copperhead
  96. Cardboard bicycle for under $20
  97. This is old, but....
  98. Felix Baumgartner
  99. lindsey williams-
  100. Skydiving!!