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  1. Navy pilots seeing ufos
  2. Ten dollars of Stellar (XLM) from Coinbase
  3. Space X Dragon Crew Capsule
  4. Assange arrested.
  5. Ancestry
  6. Vlad Talks Turning US into ashes-no shoe banging
  7. Military flights
  8. Magnetic north pole on the move
  9. GOA funds challenge to NFA with SCOTUS
  10. Panera's Socialist Pay-What-You-Want Restaurant Implodes: Students, Homeless Mob The Place
  11. In Money We Trust
  12. Melania, Madam First Lady
  13. Govt. Shutdown
  14. More proof we're doomed.
  15. Nothing like blackmail
  16. Tesla Tower in central Texas?
  17. Fla. WTF?
  18. Happy Turkey Day PMbug'rs!
  19. Kilogram redefined
  20. "Sultan of Coins" executed in Iran for hoarding gold
  21. Anti Trump Neighbor Shoots Republican Neigbor Dead!
  22. Vancouver: The city that had too much money
  23. Khashoggi death - USA principles vs Saudi oil and the petrodollar
  24. Google "do no evil" meta thread
  25. Texas once again out in front of the crowd!
  26. Privacy, encryption vs. Surveillance state
  27. Thrive movie on Youtube
  28. Two fucking bucks. $2!
  29. China trending to a dictatorship
  30. Space X Falcon Heavy
  31. The torch is getting passed.
  32. Super Man knows whats up!
  33. Composite metal foams (CMF) stops bullets, radiation and cures cancer
  34. Incase you missed it - Here is FORMER President Obama's final speech
  35. $1.8 billion to Qatar from Clinton Foundation
  36. Timeline of a cover up.
  37. PM Bug twitter?
  38. One of these kids is not like the others.
  39. 3-D printing
  40. USA is officially now a banana republic
  41. Cabelas Gift Card
  42. Rickards' New Case for Gold book
  43. Zerohedge disgruntled employee talks to Bloomberg
  44. Shinzo Abe tv commercials for Japan
  45. I'm still here
  46. my cousin just killed herself
  47. 15,000 abandoned uranian mines.
  48. 2013 PA GOP -passed highest gas tax in USA, they now discover they need more money
  49. Man jailed for not having cat licence
  50. Where is ancona?
  51. Charlie McGraph passed away he did vids
  52. Song of the day?
  53. norman rockwell doesnt live here anymore
  54. I dont feel good about memory loss
  55. gift cards
  56. Merry Christmas, amigos. Happy New Year too!
  57. blue spruce in my yard stolen
  58. December 24 is UAE public holiday to mark Prophet's birthday Long weekend ahead as next Thursday dec
  59. North Dakota's oil boom has created a new market for Mexican drug cartels and pimps as relatively ri
  60. Please Help Me Understand BitCoins
  61. would you lock your electric rate for 3 years?
  62. mutual fund blocks redemptions
  63. massive eric frein manhunt report released
  64. LOST: 33 lbs coins
  65. why is road work poorly planned?
  66. Why we are losing...
  67. I've been MIA
  68. Search for body turns up $220K in silver bars
  69. Michael Moores address
  70. 33 lbs coins found under cherry tree-
  71. Suicide just happened down the street from me
  72. Hillary testifying
  73. Chicago's Dirty War
  74. Civil Asset Forfeiture
  75. Protect Yourself from NSA Attacks on 1024-bit DH
  76. cabela took TARP
  77. cabellas
  78. im spitting nails. "benefits" UK program
  79. trump and social security
  80. slw hl, $25 gift card- hmm
  81. Bernie handed the crown to Hillary
  82. NO COLA for SS
  83. ouch- the Alex Jones show
  84. tried a new place to eat
  85. Texting and driving.
  86. I need some advice
  87. Govt. vehicle auctions
  88. John Boehner to resign!!
  89. Furious motorists refuse to pay parking fines in fake photo scam Frustrated drivers are refusing to
  90. ? my window screen is stolen?
  91. plane fire- do you grab your bag?
  92. Crazy pills
  93. no shower- how does this work
  94. Yet another fire.
  95. cook county taxes went up
  96. UK- smokers to get free ecigs from govt
  97. how does yosemite get the plague?
  98. Crown Royal
  99. my car recalled- how did they find me
  100. Good book recommendations?