BBC giving Nigel Farage the Ron Paul treatment?


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Perhaps I'm just a troubled, paranoid young man. But if the Green Party were outpolling the Liberal Democrats nationally, I think that the BBC would be absolutely all over the story. What do you think?

UKIP's steady rise in the polls has now seen it hitting 9 percent and 10 percent nationally in polls. In one such YouGov poll the figure was 17 percent of over 60s – the group most likely to vote. Let’s not be silly and say this is down to "Europe". Of course, UKIP's well-known anti-EU stance has a bearing on its support. But we are not in a European Election cycle. Nor has there been a huge EU-related story lately.

Yet Farage Fever, which I predicted was going to sweep UKIP into Westminster in 2015 on this very site, has already started to kick-in mid-way through 2012. Britain's on course for an epidemic of straight talking, small state patriotism by 2015.

The BBC haven't shown much interest in the polls, aside from a few mentions on Newsnight which consisted of Tory MPs talking of how they could bring new UKIP supporters back into the fold. There was also a Labour MP who said that people didn't care about the EU but rather about 'real issues' such as immigration and jobs. In the week that it was announced that the number of foreigners in work in Britain rose by 166,000 last year whilst the number of British-born workers in jobs fell by exactly 166,000. Yeah, exactly.

I can't help feel that the BBC are slightly Green with envy that it isn't Caroline Lucas' high-tax, socialist rabble who are rising. I mean the story of 'others' rising due to discontent with the old three parties hasn't even got legs: The Greens and BNP still can't get above 3 percent in any national poll.

Then there's the interesting subplot of the London Mayoral and Assembly race. LBC radio, the London Evening Standard and the BBC have all looked to set the narrative: the race to win is between Boris and Livingstone, with the LibDems and Greens as a bit of fringe fun. Yet every single London poll carried out has had UKIP leading the Greens in the London race, indeed the Greens are on course to lose both of their Assembly seats and UKIP are on course to gain one or two. In a pretty shocking scene, Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics show noted that UKIP are outpolling the Green Party's Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones in London - before saying that he was looking forward to seeing her in Sunday's debate which, yup, excludes UKIP.

I don't follow politics in the UK very closely. I know we have some members here who live over there. Is the gist of this article correct? Is there a rising level of support for Farage and UKIP? I enjoy watching him speak in video interviews on YouTube.
one of the problems with red pill fallout, is that i dont have a clue what mainstream press and tv are pumping out.
I do listen to radio 4 news most days though ( BBC serious ) and cannot recall Farage getting a mention since the last election, when he nearly got killed in a light plane crash.

Think my main source of Farage news is Turds site, where they absolutely love him.
I occasionally see cries of 'Farage for Pres' from the odd murkan commentator,
they reckon hes probably a murkan citizen already.
The mrkins seem to think they own the world, and that every country has to abide by our laws as is (DVD Jon for example, or Julian A). We could sure use a guy like that running the joint here, just sayin. It's like the so-called choices we have just aren't even really alive - cardboard people. I'd rather see some real fire in the belly, even if not always right.
The UK newstainment outlets are notoriously politically correct and always lean so far left that you have to turn the TV on it's side to watch it. Nigel is a straight talking guy who doesn't worry about your feelings when speaking, he only worries about the truth. As we all know, those who speak the truth are swiftly punished for their efforts.
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Nigel is a straight talking guy who doesn't worry about your feelings when speaking, he only worries about the truth. As we all know, those who speak the truth are swiftly punished for their efforts.

He sounds like a modern day Winston Churchill to me, and look what happened to good old Winston before, during, and after the war. Looks like the same thing is playing out again, different players, same scenario.
I suspect you may be a Brit, so I would like to know what the folks over there havce to say about our friend Nigel
I suspect you may be a Brit, so I would like to know what the folks over there havce to say about our friend Nigel


could it be because i occasionally admit to it ?

Truthfully, i no longer know ( or care much ) what the mainstream view is.
Not reading any newspapers or having a TV to distort my thinking, i have learnt that its simpler not to discuss politics when my view is that the whole process is a sham and that our Nige, or your Ronnie, will be taken out before they ever get near the levers of power, as long as the current controllers remain in charge.

If you are asking me are people waking up ? the answer is yes, slowly and once they have 'seen the light' they tend to remain awake.
So how long before a critical mass is achieved, might be the real question.

And what will the controllers do as we approach this critical mass ?

the words 'Bunker Hunt' are my only real concern :rotflmbo:
I love Nigel Farrage's speeches. Althought I do not always agree with him 100%. For example (As an immigrant myself :)), I do not think that immigration is a core issue. It is good, much better than globalization. As long as people are coming to your country to WORK there, not enjoy the holidays on the welfare systems, it is what they do: they increase the wealth in the country. They provide their services, they rent their houses (or buy them, when committed fully), they spend their money on living & other ppls services. Simple.

But the real issue is a nanny state, providing SOME immigrants (and not just immigrants, for that matter), with free lunches on f..g everything - "free" housing (what?!), "free" health care, "free" schools, "free" creches for integration, of course, "free" language courses, even their freaking mobile phone bills, for some idiotic reasons, and obviously, all kinds of unearned "benefits". Usually the ones getting this preferential treatment, are the ones with the biggest "civilization gap", so to speak. I haven't been a recipient of none of these goodies, enjoyed broadly by many others. Actually, I moved out of one estate that became nearly a council-sponsored one - I just could not stand that any longer around me, money being spend in truckloads on everybody, who is too lazy, stupid, or otherwise useless, to provide for himself and his family, and having to get up every morning to work, having to say goodbye to wife and kids, one of them crying "don't go daddy, I want you with us". What I am supposed to tell him, why daddy has to leave him every morning, to go to work, to pay the bills - when he'd grow up surrounded by dozens of examples on our own street, that it is not the case, and daddy was certainly stupid, or maybe just wanted to get away from them????

The only immigrants that are getting jobs "away from locals" are: a) experienced professionals, that industry has never enough of, and that industry would definitely fill in with locals, if it physically COULD. These chaps, like my humble self, do not undermine any of their local colleagues, I am actually making more money than my company's median here, so if anything, I am making them more attractive on the job market ;). Or b) cheap labor, taking on the jobs that otherwise would NOT be filled in by anyone else from local population - and that's because of nanny state, again - they would not work for such money in such a place, because they don't have to.

That's the reality. But it is easier to be bitching on immigrants in general, rather than try to figure out the real issues - that is, socialism (that ALWAYS leads to deformed, malfunctioning society, and that NEVER has enough money to spend on their socialistic expenditures, and that ALWAYS want to extort more & more control over everything - because it cannot function in a free society), and "global" capitalism, that allows to extract wealth in one place, by exploiting people in other places. All spiced up by fraudulent global monetary system, that ultimately corrupts and sucks the wealth away from the MIDDLE CLASS, that crucial, yet sooo currently undermined and dying out class of the society..

That is how I see it.

But I do love Nigel Farrage's straight talk, anyway. He's a great speaker, and he has integrity. And he talks from his heart, not from the opinion polls. I cannot imagine people like him or Ron Paul kissing arses sitting higher than theirs, every step on their way to the "top". They seem to be one of the very, very few decent and honest (to a degree that a politician can be "honest" person, I suppose...) politicians out there.

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bushi - I agree. It is refreshing to listen to politicians speak from their heart rather than check to see which way the political polls are swinging first, and then stake out their "position of the week".
I don't necessarily endorse Farage in everything (I don't know his stand on everything), but I heartily endorse a man who has operates on the basis of convictions rather than convenience.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage enjoyed dinner with media boss Rupert Murdoch this week, in a fresh sign of the anti-EU’s emergence as a significant political force.

The UK Independence Party is riding high after coming second in the Eastleigh by-election, pushing the Tories into a humiliating third place.

News that Mr Murdoch has hosted Mr Farage for dinner – thought to be the first of its kind – will be seen as a fresh blow for David Cameron’s Conservatives, who had previously relied on the support of the Murdoch empire.

Murdoch surely isn't a UKIP supporter, he's just interested in knowing his enemies.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hailed early gains in council elections across England as "remarkable" for the party.

UKIP has won 78 seats so far and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing.

Mr Farage said it put his party in a "very strong position" in the run-up to the next general election.
The BBC's projected national share of the vote has Labour in the lead with 29% of the vote and the Conservatives in second place with 25%. UKIP are in third place with 23% of votes and the Lib Dems are fourth with 14%.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said the vote shares confirmed four party politics were at play in these elections, but it was still unclear if this would carry through to a general election.

Responding to the success of UKIP, Prime Minister David Cameron said: "We need to show respect for people who have taken the choice to support this party and we are going to work really hard to win them back."
Funny quote from Cameron's above "(...)we are going to work really hard to win them back" (re: voters). Mr. Cameron, sir - you and other shills like you, were working REALLY hard for decades now, to lose these voters - you ain't going them back, not in this century :)

But here's some REALLY juicy bit, from another UKIP Euro MEP: outlaw Fractional Reserve Banking! And it is coming from a guy, who's primary occupation for the last 30 years was in the financials in the City!

Watch "Redrawing a Concrete Aeroplane - Godfrey Bloom (Journalists seminar on economic issues)" on YouTube:
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