Book: The ecomonics of inflation by C. Bresciani Turroni - an Austrian case study of Weimar


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Book: The economics of inflation by C. Bresciani Turroni - an Austrian case study of Weimar

After watching helicopter Ben elevating pm prices during the FED press conference today, I thought it might be appropriate to post something about hyperinflation.

The best book on inflation imho is an Austrian case study on the Weimar hyperinflation:
Constantino Bresciani Turroni - The Economics of Inflation

Summary from
As an Austrian study of hyperinflation, this study has never been surpassed. The same is true of the detailed examination of the rise of hyperinflation in German in the interwar period: there is not anything more authoritative.

It is a huge study, 466 pages, with a fantastic amount of data and statistical analytics. But the narrative too is very exciting and infused with a thoroughly Austrian understanding of the impact of dramatic monetary expansion. It affects not only prices but also capital structures, political events, and the structure of society itself. Hitler did not emerge in a vacuum. Bresciani-Turroni covers the essential prehistory of a world-wide calamity. This volume is thorough, authoritative, and riveting in every respect - the achievement of a lifetime to last the ages.

The whole book as a PDF can be found here (20 MB):

I had several deja vues reading it...
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