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The woman who appeared on TV claiming to be Los Angeles' latest Powerball winner is a fraud who 'just wanted to get on the news', DailyMail.com can reveal.

Footage of the 'hysterical' woman walking into Las Palmitas Mini Mart – a small bodega in east LA that sold the lucky $1.08billion ticket – went viral after it appeared on local news channel KTLA last night.

But DailyMail.com can reveal the real winner is still yet to come forward with Sarai Palacios, the granddaughter of bodega owner Nabor Herrera, 52, telling DailyMail.com the woman hasn't won a thing.


Most of us have daydreamed about winning the lottery. We picture ourselves giving away cash to our closest family and friends, quitting our job, traveling the world, or even just investing in a new house. But are those fantasies grounded in reality? Have you ever actually met someone who won the lottery—and if so, what happened?

Below are some stories shared by Reddit users that are too inspiring not to share:

I used to work for a hospital in the mental health department. Had 4 or 5 lottery winners as patients. All of them were suffering from depression due to the changes in their lives after winning big. It's not always what it's cracked up to be.
On the street where my wife's grandparents lived when she was young, a neighbor that lived a few houses down from her grandparents won the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes. I don't know if they got to meet Ed McMahon or not, but the neighbors didn't really do anything extravagant after winning (that was known the grandparents/other neighbors anyway).
At least 1,550,000,000 Monday night. I'd be happy with a small part.
Good luck. Given the less than microscopic chance of winning, you will need it!
Within five years of winning, a majority of the big winners end up more broke than they were prior to winning.

CRAZIEST Lottery Games In Human History​


1000 IQ Moments In GAMBLING History​

Nov 15, 2023

Last year I won $1million $USD in the polish lottery. It pays $1 per year for one million years.
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