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went down to my local Cambodian jeweler to look at a big box of proof coins he undoubtedly raped some teenager for. He said their grandfather left it for them and they didn't want it. Proof sets, both silver and clad, back to 57 and lots of premier dollar sets. Anyway, I was just curious to look, not interested in buying. He couldn't figure out what they were worth; I had given him a coin world with all the values some time back but he still couldn't figure it out. (Doesn't matter, he didn't care). Anyway, to make a long story longer, we started talking about interest rates, and I mentioned that i was unimpressed with Wells Fargo crediting me with .01 cent interest every three months on my checking acount, which I only keep about 1500 dollars in at any given time. He said he keeps 100,000 a month and they pay him 13. dollars a month in interest. He said that in Cambodia (he goes back and forth) 100,000 gets you 3000 a month in interest, or 2000 unreported. Yay banks.