Iran busts major international drug mafia


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TEHRAN – One of the biggest international mafia gangs have been busted in the Persian Gulf waters by the Iranian police, General Ali Moayyedi, the head of Iran’s anti narcotics police, announced on Saturday.

General Moayyedi also told a press conference that on average Iranian police discover 1387 kilos of illegal drugs per day.

The general went on to say that anti-narcotic officers were able to discover and confiscate around 215 tons of illegal drugs including 166 tons of opium, one ton of crystal (methamphetamine) and some hashish and heroin in the first 5 months of the current Iranian calendar year, which began on March 21.

so are they shipping it out, or are we shipping it in?


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...make that fecking stoopid thing legal already, for fox's sake, and move on! We have more important things to do, than busting some dirt-poor farmers at the end of the world, busting some sorry-ass junkie on our side of the world, spend shitloads of money on both, completely idiotic & counter productive activities - and all the while, nurture criminal gangs & provide funding to them, by insisting on keeping all that stuff illegal.

Being a son of a hardcore drug addict (my mom was doing heroine, when I was a child, my dad never gave a fuck since they divorced), who NEVER did drugs myself, I think I've earned the right to voice my opinion on that issue. "War on drugs" is a complete, idiotic waste of money/time/resources/human capital. Make this thing legal already, and move on, please. There's nothing you can do to help victims of that insidious, terrible civilisation disease, while insisting on waging that war.

BTW, my wife's parents were "legal", because they were (both) hardcore alcoholics. I don't think she was any better off than me, for that fact... just to point out the silliness of the whole "war on drugs" nonsense

BTW #2, is anyone trying to tell me, that western authorities would have ANY difficulties whatsoever, to mop up the dealers/mafias, if they pursued them so relentlessly, as they are pursuing civil liberties of their own law obiding citizens, with the same disregard to criminals' civil rights, as they display for the average Joe Sixpack's?? How possible, that with all the massive surveillance state, PLUS these fuckers being squarely in the crosshairs of all relevant services & agencies, they are still walking free and doing their business? There's only one logical explanation - all the relevant services & agencies, don't give a flying fuck about them, really.
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