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Could all the rumors about them buying JAG for a billion dollars end up being true? It's entirely possible.

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Shandong gold suspension to discuss the mineral bid matters

Day 06:12 Apr 10, 2012
Source: Securities Times Author: Wang Jin
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Shandong Gold [32.92 0.00% shares reported] (600547) today announced that the company and related parties are now being discussed bid for matters relating to mineral resources, because of the issues to be further confirmed, in order to avoid the stock price volatility, the stock today will from suspension, until the related matters to determine the relevant provisions of the disclosure of the situation in accordance with the Shanghai Stock Exchange after the resumption.
Shandong Gold (SH: 600 547)
New Price: 32.92 - 0 0%
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The data show that on March 9, Shandong Gold just released to be own funds of 724 million yuan acquisition of Gansu Province, west and County treasure Mining Co., Ltd. 70 percent stake, and of its three prospecting. Statistics show that the As of recently, the Shandong Gold within one year the amount for the acquisition of mineral resources has been close to 70 billion. (Wang Jin), Shandong gold suspension to discuss the matter of mineral bid

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