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The price of dollars in gold

I came across a good website called Priced In Gold:

This shows the historical price of items in gold rather than in dollars.

One of the more interesting charts was the price of dollars in grams of gold:

This curve shows the "decay" of the dollar with respect to gold, in grams.

It represents the same type of information in charts that show the exponential take-off of the price of gold in USD.

It shows that the dollar is in an exponential decay with respect to the value of gold. Likewise the price of gold in dollars is in an exponential rise. And of course we all know that this is due to the runaway compounding interest in our debt money system that is causing (forcing) the Money Changers to continue to print more and more money to kept the system afloat.

I have taken this data and inverted is in the form of the graph "Price of Gold in USD versus time" as shown below.

This curve is a bit more believable than the Elliot Wave curve that I posted in another thread,

Any slight adjustment in the exponential fitting parameters can cause this curve to shift by a few to several years in either direction.
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Unobtanium, I have been a fan of that website for a few years now. The only issue I have with it is the frequency the guy updates it. I like his idea of measuring your income/net worth in gold.

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