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Rare gold coins dug out of French mansion's walls sold for $1.2 million - Louis the Great's money is more valuable than ever.* * *From Agence France-Pressevia The Guardian, LondonWednesday, September 29, 2021Hundreds of rare gold coins dug out of the walls of a remote French mansion fetched more than one million euros ($1.2 million) at auction on today.Stonemasons discovered 239 pieces of gold, minted before the French Revolution, when they began renovating the prope...

New Orleans is back to normal so join GATA there next month - By Brien LundinEditor, Gold NewsletterCEO, the New Orleans Investment ConferenceWednesday,  September 29, 2021With this year's New Orleans Investment Conference just around the corner -- Tuesday through Friday, October 19-22 -- the timing couldn't be better for a metals rally.If you're a serious investor, you need to attend this blockbuster, in-person event.I know that Hurricane Ida made headli...

Pam and Russ Martens: Was Boston Fed President Rosengren trading with Citigroup's money? - By Pam and Russ MartensWall Street on ParadeWednesday, September 29, 2021The culture of Wall Street has now completely engulfed the Fed: it's legal if you can get away with it.For more than five years the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Robert Kaplan, was trading like a hedge fund kingpin in "over $1 million" transactions in S&P 500 futures while refusing to follow the requirem...

New York Fed reports small decline in custodial gold - From GoldReporter, GermanyTuesday, September 28, 2021For the first time in more than two years, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports a decrease in its gold holdings stored on behalf of customers. As the Fed states in its latest monthly report, the gold reserves reported as "earmarked gold" amounted to $7,789 million as of September 24, 2021. This gold is traditionally reported at a book...

GATA's Ed Steer discusses Big Four silver traders with GoldCore - From GoldCore, DublinTuesday, September 28, 2021GATA's Ed Steer is Dave Russell's guest on GoldCore TV this week, discussing the Big Four commercial traders involved in trading precious metals futures on the Comex and the influence they may have on gold and silver prices.But who are these Big Four traders?Watch the interview to find out more:

Kitco News

Gold and silver are mixed heading into the EU open - (Kitco News) - Gold (0.16%) and silver (-0.12%) are heading into the EU session mixed. This comes after another solid day of trading on Wednesday. The yellow metal trades at $1784/oz while silver has moved to $24.24/oz. In the rest of the commodities complex, copper has fallen 1.55% and spot WTI has dropped half a percent.

The U.S. dollar 'as we know it' will be dead in 10 yrs, bitcoin price to hit $2 million in 5 yrs - (Kitco News) - A monetary system collapse is coming, and the trigger will be raging inflation, said Lawrence Lepard, Equity Management Associates managing partner.

Bitcoin price should be 'much lower', look for these 'hot tokens' instead - Clem Chambers - (Kitco News) - Current valuations for the major cryptos, including Bitcoin, are "miraculous" and prices should be much lower, said Clem Chambers of

Gold, silver rally on inflation worries, friendly charts - (Kitco News) - Gold and silver prices are solidly higher near midday Wednesday. Concerns about rising inflation are prompting buying interest in the hard asset metals.

Ex-FBI Chris Voss reveals the best negotiator of all-time and how to "end up a billionaire" - (Kitco News) - Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It." He has previously worked as a hostage negotiator for the FBI.

New ETF driving bitcoin price to record highs above $65K - (Kitco News) - Bitcoin prices have pushed to new all-time highs trading well above $65,000 an ounce. According to some analysts, the rally in the digital currency was spurred by the launch of the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S.

Gold trading in Moscow could increase after London deal - (Kitco News) - The world's second-biggest miner (Russia) is set to have a boost to its gold trading exchange after it was announced that Moscow and London will unite. The deal means that Russian producers of the yellow metal can sell directly on its exchange using London market prices with big banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Credit Suisse Group AG providing substantial liquidity.

$150k Bitcoin by January? Last resistance is breached, Ethereum to hit $20k next - Florian Grummes - (Kitco News) - The recent bullish momentum for Bitcoin is likely to be sustained because key technical levels have been breached, and the fear from China's tightening regulation has largely dissipated, said Florian Grummes, managing director of Midas Touch Consulting.

The Bitcoin price is at an interesting support zone - Bitcoin technicals are looking very interesting at the moment. The price has retraced from a major level at $52,944 and made a new lower high lower low pattern. Even though this has happened it's hard to know if this is a retracement from the move higher that started in July or a change in trend for a new trend lower.

Gold will struggle as Fed's push to normalize monetary policy supports the US dollar - HSBC - (Kitco News) - Gold prices remain stuck in neutral below $1,800 an ounce. Commodity analysts at HSBC are warning investors that gold gains could be limited in the near term as the Federal Reserve’s plan to normalize its monetary policies drives bond yields and the U.S. dollar higher.

Zero Hedge

Taliban Honors Families Of "Heroic" Suicide Bombers Who Attacked Americans - Taliban Honors Families Of "Heroic" Suicide Bombers Who Attacked Americans It hasn't taken long for the Taliban to show who it really is - or who it's always been - after prior initial declarations of a new "moderate" and "reformed" Islamist group (mostly emanating from Western pundits) following its August complete takeover of Afghanistan amid the US troop withdrawal. Late last mo...

Rail Company Chides Twitter User For Snitching On Passenger For Not Wearing A Mask - Rail Company Chides Twitter User For Snitching On Passenger For Not Wearing A Mask Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, After a Twitter user snitched on a fellow passenger for not wearing a face mask on a train in Scotland, the rail company responded by telling the grass that he shouldn’t be taking creepy pictures of strangers. You love to see it. Perhaps believing ...

The Cost Of Going Green Is About To Get More Expensive - The Cost Of Going Green Is About To Get More Expensive The cost of going green is about to become more expensive as polysilicon prices are erupting and will likely remain elevated due to factory shutdowns in China.  Polysilicon is a superrefine form of silicon used in solar panels for its semiconductor-like material properties. Spot prices for polysilicon bottomed at $6.30/kg in m...

Taliban-Russian Meeting In Moscow Takes Place Amid "Friendly Atmosphere" - Taliban-Russian Meeting In Moscow Takes Place Amid "Friendly Atmosphere" By South On October 20th, the first official meeting between the Taliban and the Russian government took place, following the forming of the Afghanistan government. Notably, Russia called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government with the participation of all political forces in the countr...

The Empire Of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths The Deep State Wants To Keep Hidden - The Empire Of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths The Deep State Wants To Keep Hidden Authored by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” - Albert Einstein America is breaking down. This breakdown - triggered by polarizing circus politics,...

New China Law Will Punish Parents For Children's 'Bad Behavior' - New China Law Will Punish Parents For Children's 'Bad Behavior' China has drafted a law that would punish the parents of children who exhibit "very bad behavior" - which would be one of the first laws of its kind anywhere in the modern world. A spokesman for the Legislative Affairs Commission of China's parliament, which is often dubbed in the West a "rubber-stamp" institution for...

Marine Vet Sues Walmart After Pharmacist Refused To Fill His Ivermectin Prescription - Marine Vet Sues Walmart After Pharmacist Refused To Fill His Ivermectin Prescription Authored by Debra Heine via, Walmart is facing a new lawsuit after a pharmacist in Albert Lea, Minnesota, refused to fill a prescription for ivermectin to treat a Marine vet and his wife, both of whom were suffering with COVID-19. The Marine, Bill Salier, shared his story the “S...

Russia Says Another Putin-Biden Meeting A Likely Possibility "By Year's End" - Russia Says Another Putin-Biden Meeting A Likely Possibility "By Year's End" The Kremlin has teased another potential face-to-face summit between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin "by the end of the year," according to government spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday. Peskov said a meeting is possible in "one format or another" - suggesting various possibilities including a r...

US Marshals Investigating Whether January 6 Defendants Being Deliberately Mistreated - US Marshals Investigating Whether January 6 Defendants Being Deliberately Mistreated Authored by Matt Vespa via, The feds have locked up hundreds of people connected to the January 6 riot. That’s all it was, by the way. It was a riot. It was not a violent insurrection. It wasn’t an armed coup. It wasn’t worse than the American Civil War. It sure as hell wasn’t worse ...

NYC Mayor Expands Vaccine Mandate To All City Workers, Offers $500 "Carrot" - NYC Mayor Expands Vaccine Mandate To All City Workers, Offers $500 "Carrot" Despite pushback against the vaccine mandate imposed on the city's teachers and public school workers and managers, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking coercive city mandates to the next level Wednesday by announcing that they would be extended city-wide. The mayor told MSNBC in an interview Wednesday mor...

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The Wall Street Journal: China Evergrande calls off deal to sell stake in property unit falls - t was terminated by Evergrande, which said in a regulatory filing that it “had reason to believe…that the purchaser had not met the prerequisite to make a general offer for shares in Evergrande Property Services.”

The Moneyist: My abusive ex never contributed to our home’s mortgage. Do I still owe him half the equity if his name is on the deed? - ‘Seven years ago, we bought a house. Both of our names are on the title but only my name is on the mortgage, since I was the only one with good credit.’

: Unvaccinated? Your health care costs might be going up soon - As open enrollment nears on health insurance plans for many employers, experts say being unvaccinated also likely means higher health care costs going forward.

: White House mulls Plan B, with new taxes for billionaires, stock buybacks: report - Facing opposition to corporate tax hikes, the Biden administration is seeking alternatives to how to pay for its multi-trillion-dollar spending plans, according to new reports.

MarketWatch First Take: Tesla’s earnings show is more cautious — and yes, boring — without Elon around - Tesla Inc. was more cautious Wednesday in both its shareholder letter and its conference call, its first since Chief Executive Elon Musk bowed out of the quarterly earnings show, and it may have cost the stock.

: Gig workers who kept working during the pandemic were rewarded with higher earnings - Median monthly incomes for rideshare drivers, dog walkers and online sellers held steady during the pandemic, even as fewer people worked these jobs, according to a new JPMorgan Chase Institute report.

: 19 states offered million-dollar lotteries to increase COVID vaccination rates — this research says they didn’t work - There was 'no statistically significant association' between a cash-drawing announcement and the number of vaccinations, JAMA study suggests.

The Big Move: My elderly parents have a mortgage on their home. Can they still leave it to me in their will? - 'Both parents still live in it, but one requires a full time caretaker. As far as bank accounts go, they are all set up with joint owners and beneficiaries.'

Dispatches from a Pandemic: Debate over mandatory COVID-19 vaccines shifts to religious exemptions — and what constitutes ‘sincerely held beliefs’ - A college football coach unsuccessfully asked for a religious exemption and lost his $3 million–a–year job

: Biden revises proposal to have IRS monitor bank accounts more closely. Here’s how it would work - Some critics say the changes are not good enough.


Gold in Times of Crisis Ep 1 - Passage Out of Vietnam - Subtitles available in English, and Mandarin Gold has been the ultimate form of money for over 4,000 years. It has survived wars, conflicts, economic depressions and currency collapses, and continues to be relevant in our digital age of the twenty first century. In the first episode of this new series of documentaries on Gold in Times of Crisis, see how gold played a pivotal role in the after...

第一集 - 危机时期之黄金 - 离开越南之通道。(中文字幕) - 4000 多年来,黄金一直是最根本的货币形式。它在战争、冲突、经济萧条和货币崩溃中幸存下来,并在我们二十一世纪的数位化时代继续发挥作用。 在关于危机时期,黄金的新系列纪录片的第一集中,我们了解黄金如何在越南战争的余波中发挥关键作用,它如何成为官方和非官方交易的首选货币,以及黄金如何提供那些幸运或精明者拥有它成为一张生存的门票和一条通往自由的通道。

BullionStar #AMA - Why Are Bullion Premiums Higher Now? - In this new Ask Me Anything (#AMA) series, BullionStar’s Ronan Manly answers featured questions from viewers. Questions curated by the BullionStar Team. Post your questions in the comments below, or Submit your questions to us anonymously here: If you like this video be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to see more videos like this! Like us on Facebook http...


Biden's Merry-Go-Round Meetings For Build Back Better Take Another Spin Today - Biden has had dozens of meetings with Progressives separately and in groups and also individually with Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in an attempt to fit a square key into a round hole. Biden Hosts Another Meeting Today we have yet another meeting as Biden Hosts Democrats to Try to Narrow ...Continue reading

Biden Seeks Help From Big Oil to Tame the Price of Gas - After doing everything possible for 10 months to discourage oil and gas production, Biden Asks Oil Industry for Help to Tame Gas Prices. The latest outreach to the oil industry is an awkward shift for the Biden administration, which has pledged to move the country away from fossil fuels and has ...Continue reading

Despite Widespread Belief in Strong Inflation, the Long Bond Suggests Otherwise - Yields are not close to inverting yet but the trend is recessionary, not inflationary. US Treasury Yields 2021 That might look like a meaningless blip but it isn't.  If there were inflation fears in bonds, it would manifest itself first and foremost at the long end.  Instead, the long end ...Continue reading

Demographics, Birth Rate, and the Covid Baby Bust are Quite Deflationary - Civilian Noninstitutional Population The Civilian Noninstitutional Population is defined as those age 16 and older not in an institution (e.g. prison, armed service, nursing homes) residing the the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Essentially, CNP is the working age population except that ...Continue reading

Dominos Reports There’s No One to Deliver the Pizzas, Plus Mish Anecdotes - Shortage of the Day The shortage of the day: There’s No One to Deliver the Pizzas Shares of Domino’s Pizza Inc. initially fell Thursday morning after the largest pizza company in the world posted its first decline in U.S. same-store sales in more than a decade. These results came as a shock to ...Continue reading

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No Recovery Until 2045? - This post No Recovery Until 2045? appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “The Biden administration will slow U.S. and global growth with a combination of higher taxes, more regulation and wasteful spending on programs such as the Green New Deal”… The post No Recovery Until 2045? appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

Vaccine Voodoo - This post Vaccine Voodoo appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Fake news about the vaccines… How many lives could cheap, effective therapeutics have saved if they were allowed to be used?… The post Vaccine Voodoo appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

The Great Dollar Paradox - This post The Great Dollar Paradox appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The dollar should be crashing. Why isn’t it?… The world is long overdue for a new monetary system… The post The Great Dollar Paradox appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

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GLOBAL OIL PRODUCTION & PRICE INFLATION: Must See Video Presentation - This is a must-watch video on Global Oil Production & Price Inflation.  Not only has peak oil production impacted the price, so has the Falling EROI.  When the oil price rises, it thunders throughout the market and economy.  Also, I show how the Money Supply had "Nothing" to do with the massive 1970's inflation...

TRIGGER ALERT: We Are Now Short Continental Resources & ConocoPhillips - As mentioned in our Weekend Metals & Update, I planned to put out a Trade Trigger Update for the energy stocks.  I also mentioned we had gone short Continental Resources (CLR) early last week, and now we have added ConocoPhillips (COP) to our short trade positions.  I have to WARN; this is HIGHLY SPECULATIVE on our part...

SMART INVESTORS BUY BULLION WHEN IT’S AVAILABLE: Gold Eagle Sales Soar Again This Week - As the world gets closer to major economic disruptions as it hits the ENERGY CLIFF, smart investors continue to buy physical gold bullion when supplies are still readily available.  However, this won't always be the case when more investors realize the energy shortages and massive price spikes will destabilize the financial markets...

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Mirror Image - By TF 25 Comments | 17 Likes Digital metal prices rose early Tuesday, only to be smashed and driven backward in New York. And metal prices rose early Wednesday, only to be smashed and driven backward in New York. " They say our love won't pay the rent ".... Yes, that's a Groundhog Day reference and why not? Another solid overnight rally briefly extended onto Comex and then.....

Dollar Down, Silver Up - By TF 43 Comments | 15 Likes We've all been patiently waiting and watching. It seems like every day for the past few weeks I've posted charts that (hopefully) foreshadowed a pullback in the POSX with the idea that this, in turn, would lead to a rally in CDS. And now today, here we are. Actually, it was just last Tuesday when we discussed the POSX falling back toward 93 and CDS moving to $2...

Bonds Shaken and Stirred - By TF 44 Comments | 15 Likes The new week begins with spiking bond yields and more hints of stagflation. That's a pretty toxic economic mix in the long run but, so far today, the impact has not been overly dramatic. That's not to say that the Comex PMs aren't down. Of course they are! Comex gold has been down since last evening and it continues this morning. Again, not too much but still f...

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Gold Price Forecast: Gold In Consolidation - Stocks Minimum Decline Met - By Jim Curry - December 08, 2019Last week's trading saw gold bottoming on Monday, here doing so with the tag of the 1459.80 (February, 2020 contract). From there, a sharp rally was seen into mid-week, with the metal pushing all the way up to a high of 1489.90 - before selling...

Sell The NASDAQ Index…And Buy Gold - By Egon von Greyerz - December 04, 2019In the long history of governments and central banks deceiving the people, August 15 1971 was just another date in the calendar. Throughout history, the ruling elite has always cheated the people. But the leaders’ irresponsible actions are...

Gold Price Forecast: Gold Prepping For Multi-Week Rally - By Jim Curry - December 01, 2019Last week's trading saw gold forming its low early in the week - here doing so with the tag of the 1456.70 figure (February, 2020 contract), made on a Tuesday time bottom. From there, strength was seen into later in the week, with the metal...

Jim Sinclair

In The News Today - Bill Holter’s Commentary Well then, $1 million isn’t what it used to be! Is $1 Million Enough for Retirement in America?October 20, 2021 More…

Vax Fight is On and Not Stopping – Gerald Celente - By Greg Hunter’s Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about the unrelenting full blown “Vax Wars” he predicted many months ago.  Many people are being told “no vax, no job,” and now it’s really heating up.  Celente explains, “The fight is on.  The people that are not going... Read more »

Jim’s Mailbox - Pastor Stanley’s latest. I would not pin all blame on China as it appears to have had at least some US intellectual “help”. He is however, absolutely correct in the need to be prepared! Bill Chinese Developer Sinic Defaults; Evergrande On The Verge Of Bankruptcy -IMF Says ‘Risks Are Contained For Now’October 20, 2021 By... Read more »

Bill’s Latest Interview With The Aussies -
Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening – Alex Newman - By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Award winning journalist Alex Newman says, “The Deep State globalists cannot stop the “unprecedented awakening going on in America.”  Newman, who wrote the popular book called “Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes,” explains, “Everybody knows that the press is lying.  Nobody believes the press anymore.  ‘Let’s... Read mor...

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Potential For Moderately Strong Stock Market Rally Over Next 60 Days - Two main factors are driving the rally in the US stock markets… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders Two main factors are driving the rally in the US stock […]

Major Changes In Gold & Silver Market Not Far off, Current Glumness Turning Into Glee - “…those who hung in there through so many years of infuriation and negativity will be rewarded by…” Remarks by Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) First of […]

Governments Love Inflation, And They Won’t Do Anything to Stop It - No government looking to massively expand its size in the economy and monetize a soaring deficit is going to act against rising prices, despite claiming… by Daniel Lacalle via Mises No […]

US Supply Chain Crisis Hits A New Level, Biden Administration Considers Deploying National Guard To Help - Publicly, they’re still trying to put a happy face on things, but privately, administration officials are really freaking out… by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog It is the […]

The Most Exciting Medical Breakthrough Of The Decade? - According to Google’s Health boss David Feinberg… over one billion people a day search Google for health concerns. This is a sponsored article from But, what if, instead… they […]

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SEPTEMBER 29/RAID TODAY AS USUAL AS BIS OPTIONS EXPIRY TOMORROW: GOLD DOWN $1470 TO 1722.95//SILVER DOWN 98 CENTS TO $21.50//GOLD TONNAGE STANDING INCREASES TO 11.9 TONNES/SILVER OZ REMAINS RELATI... -   GOLD:$1722.95 DOWN $14.40   The quote is London spot price Silver:$21.50 DOWN 98  CENTS  London spot price ( cash market)     4:30 closing price   Gold $1726.30   silver:  21.51   We are now in options expiry week.  Yesterday we had completion of Comex expiry and the much bigger expiry is OTC London/LBMA.  The […]

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SPROTT: A Near Perfect Environment for Gold and Gold Miners - Today one of the greats in the business noted this is a near perfect environment for gold and gold miners. The post SPROTT: A Near Perfect Environment for Gold and Gold Miners appeared first on King World News.

PIEPENBURG: The Situation Has Gone From Bad To Scary - The situation has gone from bad to scary. This is the reality of what we are now facing. The post PIEPENBURG: The Situation Has Gone From Bad To Scary appeared first on King World News.

Inflation Soaring As Supplies Of Groceries And Other Items Disappear - Inflation is soaring as supplies of groceries and other items disappear. The post Inflation Soaring As Supplies Of Groceries And Other Items Disappear appeared first on King World News.

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