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So did we find the bottom on copper?

So does the crew here think we are finally past the hard bottom on copper? Will it start romancing the $5 mark? I've still been stacking my copper pennies and stashing them, but without nearly the excitement of a couple years ago when I would giggle every time I tossed a roll into the boat. Thinking I might actually outright buy some copper for how low it is. Seems to me though copper prices are one of many PM's that can be tied to the economy, I'm still not very confident in our own economy, let alone the global economy. I'm thinking of buying some now for the next year or two while it's low and hope after barry's gone the economy improves.
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Copper is a key mineral in many different body systems. It is central to building strong tissue, maintaining blood volume, and producing energy in your cells. Yet, for all its critical importance, you don't have much copper in your body—barely more than the amount found in a single penny. And those pennies in your pocket are only 2.5% copper by weight.

In the foods we commonly eat, there are only very small amounts of copper. As much as any dietary mineral, the amount of copper you eat is directly related to the amounts of minimally processed plant foods you get every day.

Of the World's Healthiest Foods, 12 are rated as excellent sources of copper, 37 are very good, and 42 are rated as good.

best get some then (-;
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