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Aussies taxing mining sector

Quote :
Wayne Swan, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, has expressed his contentment after the ratification of a new mining tax which has been debated in Parliament for close to two years. The government hopes that this 30% tax on coal and iron ore production will boost its revenues by approximately A$11 billion. The companies affected by this tax expressed disappointment, with many saying that this so-called super-tax will negatively affect investment in the country's commodities sector – an extremely important component of the Australian economy.
Analysts have calculated that in total, the Australian mining industry could suffer profit losses of up to 30%. Ratings agencies forecast that this new tax will also increase international investors' doubts about the mining sector, and could damage the entire mining sector’s creditworthiness. The production of coal and iron ore is one of Australia's most important means of income. BHP Billiton, Xstrata and Rio Tinto will be some of the companies to suffer from this new levy. So far, however, plans to extend this tax to gold and uranium producers have failed.

Other governments have been watching Australia's tax plans with interest, with investors fearing that other important commodity producing countries might follow Australia's example. Brazil, the world's second-largest iron ore exporting country after Australia, has long been considering imposing a tax on commodity exports and increasing mining-licence fees.

The Australian Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) vehemently criticised this new tax, stating that it will undermine Australia's competitiveness at the world markets and reduce foreign investment into Australia. According to AMEC, this tax has dealt a serious blow to the country's reputation as a good business environment, and will damage investors’ faith in Australian legal protection.

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Glad i got out of BHP and Rio last year before the crash...
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More evidence that FOFOA and other physical gold advocates are right. Physically owning the precious is better (well hidden) than the miners who are at risk of this and other kinds of meddling.

Speculating on the miners (which I do not do) could bring in nice paper $, but I have proven that I am no trader. So I do not go into that casino!
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