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Buying gold with assay. Worth it?

I'm going to start buying more gold to go with my silver. Is it worth buying gold in the tamper-proof packages with the certified assay? Does an assay add any value? That's the idea behind it, I suppose, but in reality I suspect it doesn't really make much difference to the value of the metal. And since the premiums are higher for the assayed metal, it's probably a waste of money.
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As long as there isn't a big premium for getting it, I would say it is probably a good thing. However, you can buy American gold coins in worn or well circulated condition for pretty low premiums, and they are instantly recognized for what they are. They come in all sorts of sizes as well.
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Welcome Cybrsk8r, and as far as your question: What ancona said above.
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If you're going to buy Au Bars,Pamp,Credit Suisse, seems they sell better & for more $$ if they're in the original Assay Cards.
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If you buy a bar/ingot without an assay, you might have more difficulty selling it again in the future - especially if you try to sell it somewhere other than where you bought it (assuming you save the receipt). The prospective buyer may want to the bar assayed to ensure that it's not a fake, so you may end up paying for an assay anyway at some point.

Govt coins generally avoid this problem, but have other considerations.
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