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Fly on the wall
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Vicious Gold Price Rally Coming, Buy Gold NOW!

Reasons why gold is a good investment and in the near / short term is bound to go up!

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Ground Beetle
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Peter Shiff looks like he is saying "I caught a fish and it was this big"
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Peter: the sky is blue

Bimbo: no Peter, the sky is red, everybody can see that, you've been saying its blue for a long time. Wait, let me get a couple of my functional illiterates here to show you...
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Fly on the wall
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Gold prices have fallen nearly 23% in this year so far. BIG sale in the gold market, 23% off on gold!!! Who’s up for grabs? China and Asia! The price of gold is sooo low that it’s almost like gold at a discount. I’m positive on buying some gold…. now that it easily fits into my budget.
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