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Private Mint Products


I've been stacking silver for a little over a decade now. Up until recently, I mostly bought the lowest premium silver I could find, usually constitutional silver or 10 oz bars or generic silver.

Recently, I've come to appreciate private mint products that carry a premium. Not talking about Silver Eagles. What turned me on to this category was Silver Shield, or I guess some call it Silver Bullet Silver Shield. I'm trying to find more private mints that have eye pleasing designs, have a history of increasing in premium as time goes by, and have really low or limited mintages. I'd prefer the past products already be in demand, but I'm good with lesser known mints as well.

I don't mind paying a premium, even for proof strikes, which with Silver Shield can start out at 2X spot price or more, as long as the premiums have a history of remaining level or rising afterwards.

But searching for more private mint items like this, has turned up with zero matches so far. I've seen some beautiful products, but they tend to almost immediately drop in premium after initially offered, with a small percentage of the line that might rise later on.

So I'm here, hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I've caught the beautiful silver bug and have been turned on to semi numismatic items, but I can't seem to feed this new addiction satisfactory lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Numismatic premiums are fickle. I focus on bullion value. When I consider private mints, I want something that is widely known/traded/liquid.
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I try to keep my stack, by weight in 1/3 each of junk silver, govt. bullion/coins/bars & private coins/bars. For junk silver I don't have many silver dollars as the premium on them is just ridiculous, so I have 1/2's, 1/4's & dimes. I don't buy any of the 40% silver stuff. Govt. bullion I buy mainly ASE's, CSM's & the Canadian 10ozt bars, but I do buy a few others here & there too. For private stuff I buy a wide variety, most of it I try to get with a low premium, but I will occasionally splurge on a coin or bar I see that I just really like even though I know the premium on it is ridiculous. I like having diversity so that if the SHTF & only one type of silver, lets say junk silver becomes the standard, I haven't bought exclusively govt bullion or private bullion & will at least have some silver that is easily accepted, even if not all of it is.
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Very nice. My stash is similar in that I have approximately 1/2 gov issued monies, Eagles, Maples, Libertads, Brittanias, Philharmonics and 90% dimes, quarters and half dollars. I've got a couple silver dollars but I've had them for over 50 years. I don't buy them because of the same reason as 11C1P, premium is too high.
The other half being 10 oz bars, 5 oz bars, 1 and 2 oz rounds.
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