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Silver Stuff..

Well, I don't know about other members, but it looks to me like paper is working furiously to manage the price of silver again today. The more I watch the charts, the more convinced I become that there is a controlling hand that "permits" silver to move, rather than true market mechanisms. While we're sitting on the sidelines buying as much as we can, the Dark Princes sit in their towers of glass in NYC, dictating to the traders which direction metals will go from day to day.

I believe that we are starting to become less of a fringe group as the mainstream can no longer dismiss these outsized positions held in various paper promised that are routinely dumped on the market. Sooner than later, the muppets will become disillusioned with the game and move to physical, just as we already did so many years ago.
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There is always a natural tug of war happening in the paper markets with various forces pushing in opposite directions. The rise of HFT computer trading has made it possible for even non "Dark Princes" to probe and manipulate markets to one degree or another.

When you see huge movements with outsized sell orders (like a couple of weeks ago) or actions coordinated with CME margin changes (like April/May 2011), it's obvious that a Dark Prince is pushing the ball under water.

I'm just surprised that after MF Global, PFG Best/Knight, etc., people are still playing the paper casino game. Way too much risk for my tastes. I'll take my (physical metal) ball and go home thank you very much.
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