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Where to buy AG now that Tulving is Chapter 11?

Hey Friends...

Looking to stack more AG. Two questions please:

1. Now that Tulving is Tango Uniform, where is everyone purchasing monster boxes? I am looking at APMEX. Who else should be in play?

2. Why the difference in price between Mint locations (west point vs san fran)? And why the difference in price between 2014 and any previous year? Examples:

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VOX, the following url is a website that compares the prices of many companies. It also lets you read reviews of each one:


The next two urls are websites of two stores in St. Louis, Mo. :

On the last two urls, there is a phone number on each, if you want to find out what their shipping costs would be . . .

I hope this gives you some good options to think about.
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I haven't bought any monster boxes. But if I were looking to spend that much, I'd probably spend a little extra at Apmex to have the (relative) peace of mind that I'll get my order.

The mint boxes you linked to are US Mint *sealed* boxes. Sealed boxes have not been picked through by dealers and coin collectors seek them to find high quality coins that can be professionally graded and (re)sold with numismatic premiums. The sealed monster box itself carries a little bit of a numismatic premium as a result. Unsealed boxes of brilliant uncirculated coins have already been picked through and are sold for closer to the base bullion value.

The SF Mint carries a higher premium because that Mint hasn't made silver eagles in several years (and maybe - I'm not sure on this - they have a more limited production). Collectors are attaching more a numismatic premium to them as a result.
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Old 11-24-2014, 06:29 AM   #4
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I also believe that West Point only produces proof coins. Am I right on this?
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I agree that especially with an order that large, it's probably worth it to go with APMEX. For price comparison I like this site, but they don't have APMEX monster box prices shown.

I've had good luck with purchases (nothing as big a monster box though) with JM Bullion, and as well as APMEX.

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