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I am late to the party, but so what, too bad!

I too was thinking about that original question when I bought my pistol (.40 vs. 9 mm). I had rented and shot both (our daughter LOVES shooting guns). I went for the 9 mm because of the milder recoil. "The gun you practice with is better than the one you won't."

On the other hand, our Tai Chi instructor is also a cop. He and almost all of his cop buddies carry the .40.
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When I got out of the army in late '93 I wanted to get something either in 10MM or 40cal, the latter being very new, even compared to the fairly new 10mm. I had yet to start appreciating Glock's, which again, were still fairly new themselves. I really wanted the attempted re-boot of the Bren Ten, the Peregrine Falcon. My friends dad was an FFL dealer & he started looking for one a year before I got out, he said they were almost impossible to find & would easily be over $1,000 (in 1992 $) I looked at a few other 10mm's like the Colt Delta Elite & the S&W 1006 but despite my champagne & caviar tastes, I could only afford beer & pretzel's. I finally chose a 40 cal & got the very affordable Ruger P91.

I've had numerous 40 caliber handguns (now a carbine too) over they years now. My wife likes shooting it & EDC's a Ruger SR40c, my kids, even my girls since they were young liked shooting 40 cals. Of course I hadn't filled their heads with the notion that a 40 cal has more kick than a 500 S&W magnum (& less knockdown power than a 22lr according to many on the interwebz) & I also started them shooting 22lr pistols so they could learn how to shoot in a very quiet & essentially no recoil platform.

Ultimately you need to pick the gun that works best for you, and that applies to both caliber & platform. Try out several models & calibers to find which one you are comfortable with. Also remember that while you may like a 1911 Long slide or a Desert Eagle 50ae best, for EDC purposes, those might not work too well. I also wouldn't let something like a small difference in ammo price deter you. The minimum caliber I personally would feel comfortable carrying would be 380acp & that ammo is more expensive than 40 cal, even though it is essentially a 9mm short. I'll gladly pay a few more cents a round to have a caliber than gives me a bit more knockdown power. That being said, shot placement is more critical than caliber. To keep practice session prices down, you can find a lot of good practice ammo that is cheaper than your premium defense rounds. Winchester white box, Remington has green & yellow box (which I think is green & white now) Also CCI makes 2 kinds of blazer, brass & aluminum cased. I shoot the aluminum at our indoor range as I am not able to pick up the brass there. If you don't reload, the aluminum stuff may work best for you. Remember though, you will still need to shoot about a box or so of your EDC rounds after practicing, so you know it's hitting in the same spot, or if it's not, adjust your sights or aim point. When I go to the range, I shoot the mag I've been carrying in my EDC pistol 1st to see how it functions & accuracy. Then I practice with the cheap stuff till I am ready to go, then I shoot one more mag of my EDC ammo to confirm everything again.

Good luck on finding something that works for you & also, plan to get a lot of holsters.

Also, for some good no nonsense information on firearms & self defense, I recommend checking out this guys youtube channel. I don't always agree with 100% of his stuff, but easily over 85%, probalby over 90% of it.

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