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Anyone read this guy's work?

In a recent interview for his newest book Aftershock, Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market drop, and 100 percent annual inflation . . . starting in 2012.”
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I have read some of it, and it is absolutely apocalyptic. He talks of destroyed markets, collapsed currencies, world-wide depression and widespread starvation. With 50% unemployment and a 90% drop in the markets, most commerce would cease, and people would rise up. They would have no choice but to implement martial law. If his predictions come true, and the last time he predicted economic collapse, he was two years ahead of the curve, we are irretrievable screwed. The only survivors will be those who planned ahead with gardens, chickens and other small game, silver, gold, guns and ammo. Period.

This guys vision is a dark and chaotic period of perhaps a decade, within which much of our financial paradigm will be buried and a new one will have to be built on much stronger foundations. Banking as we know it will cease to exist because people will not trust them for two generations. Trade will revert to barter for a while, then morph to a pseudo gold and oil standard. All in all, life will be pretty fucked up for a very long and painful time. Think 19th century.
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Faber is pretty smart and will probably be right. He has a pretty good track record, especially when you take it in context.

Wiedemer gave a *ridiculous* prediction (50% unemployment) and attached a time frame to it. That means his *ridiculous* prediction will be proven wrong pretty fast. Most likely be September, people will start to make fun of it. "See! It didn't happen! You doomsayers were wrong!".. Now.. if could happen in 3 years but over that period, he will be thought of as WRONG..

By extension.. they attached Wiedemer to Faber so those who aren't familiar with Faber will now associate the two doomsayers. In 3-6 months, people might not differentiate between the two and may even think it was faber who made the call. It's a pretty typical setup. I've seen this process repeat itself a lot over the past 9 years.
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i kinda like the ZH tagline.
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I've seen Wiedemer's previous video(s). He is making compelling points, logical conclusions, and it is hard to see any weakness in his analysis. Unfortunately..
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