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Plan B Countries & Thoughts


As I watch the price of gold (paper anyway) do nothing or even decline over time, I have been unable to muster up any new thoughts on our Precious Metals...

Instead, I was given a jump-start to write a piece on Plan B Countries from an extraordinary series of emails I received from a family in Australia that is interested in moving to Paraguay. Yes Paraguay. Their economy is growing, and they apparently welcome productive immigrants.

I take a look at some other countries that have crossed the radar screens among my Internet Correspondents. Also, a short section on discretely moving wealth (how about rare stamps?).

"Plan B Countries & Thoughts"
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Good thoughts Bearing.

My instinct is to be far enough away ( what is enough ?) from centres of population, in a place that I do not stick out as an outsider and have good social links with neighbours who have practical skills.

I dont think it matters too much what colour the local politics are, as long as you do not make or spend large amounts of money or get involved.

So once the real estate has been secured, a low key, simple life in a community of decent people.

I would think this can be achieved in most countries ............
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For those that have done some pretty extensive travel [such as myself and The Bearing] I think that relocation can be a good alternative to what I see coming through the tunnel at us. However, it is a "forever" commitment. I'm not quite sure that i am ready to go away, give up my nationality and become a stranger in a strange land. As adaptable as i believe myself to be, there are many nuances to foreign societies that would take a long, long time to learn and overcome/adapt to. I am just a tad over fifty, and still have some game left, so I would likely be just fine if I kept my head down and minded my own business, went to church and spent my money locally. However I think that with my relatively limited resources, I would not want to be forced to work well in to my seventies to support the clan.
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Interesting article, Bearing. I never would have guessed Paraguay. I don't know why, but for some reason I had thought it was among the worst in South America. Sort of the like Belarus of SA (when compared to Poland, Baltics etc). Maybe I got mixed up with some other place.
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