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Predaceous stink bug
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Coin Mercantile
Anybody know about these guys or have any experience with them?
They have not made an official offer but the guy I talked to on the phone said the offer would be between $80 and $90 each for:
They are also on APMEX at:
Quite a lot of difference in the price.
Thoughts, insight, advice?
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Golden Cockroach
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Never heard of them before. Looks like they mainly sell numismatics (which I'm not interested in). Their prices on bullion are crazy. $20+ premium for Silver Eagles? No thanks.
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Predaceous stink bug
Join Date: Mar 2012
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm not interested, either, but I have some uncirculated proofs and saw what they were asking for theirs. Trying to flip 'em, buy some junk silver and have some $ left over.
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