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Karatbars - Gold as Hedge against Inflation and Ultimate Currency

Hepful product

There is existing very practical, affordable and safe gold product from company called Karatbars International, headquarters residing in Stuttgart, Germany. They are selling 1 gram gold bars embed in plastic cards size of a credit card. The card is not only protecting the gold bar and making it easy to handle it also serves as its certificate with several security features.

The price of those gold cards is same or even lower then in other companies and although one pays logically more for 1 gram of gold then in case of buying whole 1 oz coin or bar, not only that one can also sell it for higher price, but main advantage is that this amount is much more easy to liquidate and one does not need to sell the whole 1 oz coin, but can sell only one or few of those gold cards. Karatbars International is also buying them back. So it is very handy to have as a part of your gold portfolio those 1 gram gold cards.

But that is not all. This company goes even further, because according to philosophy of Karatbars, the gold is real money. When you are buying gold, you are exchanging paper fiat money, which keep loosing their value with inflation for real money, gold, which keeps its value for more then 5 thousand years. So of course it is a hedge against inflation. Karatbars International created and are continually expanding the network of businesses which accept Karatbar gold cards instead of usual currencies. So if you have your own business, you can join this network and get paid by this supreme currency for your services.

Apart from classical gold cards, the company is offering also various special gold cards either for collectors or as gift cards for various opportunities, which are possible to use as really valuable presents.

Security features
The plastic card is not only physically protecting the gold bar itself, being laminated with UV filter, it also serves as certificate of authenticity that it is 999.9 24 karat gold and not a counterfeit. Each card has its serial number, LBMA stamp which is recognized by governments and banks as "Good Delivery Gold" and can be used to settle debts. As an additional security card contains a hologram on back side of the bar. This 3D hologram is giving it extraordinary appearance with multidimensional movement. Similar holograms are often used in passports and banknotes.

Storage and Shipment
You can have Karatbars gold cards stored free of charge in the main storage place in Germany or it can be shifted to paid storage place in Switzerland or in Singapore. But you can get them home. The gold cards are normally delivered by FedEx to 220 countries, if you get delivered 100 gram or more, the delivery is free of charge. Otherwise the shipping costs are 9,00€ in Germany, 13,50€ to Europe and 18,50€ to rest of the world.

Affiliate program
Karatbars International are having interesting and generous affiliate program, where you can sign up free of charge, start advertising and selling Karatbars products and create your own team of affiliates. There is also even more profitable possibility called dual team network in which one has on one side the affiliates which he or she got by his own efforts and on the other side are other affiliates assigned to you by Karatbars system. Bonuses are increasing according to amount of sales done by the individual affiliate, but also according to sales affiliates below him and one can also get a share of profit of the whole Karatbars network. This marketing plan is having a lot of variations, it is possible to study it on website of Karatbars Iternational, where it is also available for download.

You can always win with Karatbars
So whether you decide to be just a customer of Karatbars and buy their products or choose to participate in affiliate program or both, it is in every case win-win situation. You can have gold as a hedge against inflation and you can also start it with zero expenditures as your own online business, which you can run from comfort of your home.

More info on
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Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum.

I took a look at your site. Unfortunately, all it offers is a Youtube video and an email harvesting form. No info there without giving up some privacy first.

How does your bar differ from the Valcambi bars?
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