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Another snowstorm

It looks like a snowstorm is lining up in the midwest again today. Nothing like a foot of snow falling in April to remind us that anthropogenic global warming is upon us. we had better stop burning oil immediately and go back to living in straw insulated cabins to save the world from overheating and the oceans from boiling away.

All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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Goodness. I've been enjoying some lovely Spring weather lately - keeping the windows open and A/C off.
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Florida has been pretty cool in the past several days since we got from Peru. But, that's OK with my wife, she likes the mild weather.

Our daughter (up north) HAS been complaining though about their winter that never seems to end...
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4 of the last 5 winters have been about like this around here, in fact a few of the last couple were much worse with week long periods where the highs were below zero and that is the actual temp, not windchill. We'd also get snow at the same time. It's usually either very cold or warmer with snow, but when you get both it really sucks. Like right now we got a good bit of new snow here, around a foot, but it's been in the low 30's and even overnight lows in the 20's and then it's all supposed to be gone again this weekend, which as it all had been gone last weekend until mother nature decided to give us an early April fools surprise on Monday, then a little more last night and this morning. I even told the old lady that as soon as this snow melts it will be time to get the A/C ready as it usually goes from 40's & 50's straight into the 90's & 100's.
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my first tomato. Don't think it's going to feed the six of us, though. Getting about two pounds of asparagus each day.

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