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boke as hell

So in April- I never deducted the house payment and went on to buy silver... which made my account bounce- so May I had to make good on it.

So here we are in June- things are paid- tho I could use some gas. If you knew what I live on you would cringe.

So I was browsing ebay- put in a bid - 1/2 azz on some dimes, and I won!!!

10 barbers for $21.49. This could have topped off my gas tank. I should however wait on spending. Pretty much all the bills are paid- but there are 29 days to go before my next SS check.

On the one hand- it is nice that the rent, electric, gas, phone, ins, dsl, meds, visa, water, sewer, drinking water, garbage is paid.

On the other hand- I love to spend money on stuff.
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Sounds like a problem most buyer have - It is almost impossible to pass up a bargain even if we don't have the money.

I never have enough money. I am constantly selling things I have so I can buy more that I cannot afford. After 30 years of doing that I have tens of tons of stuff to sell, but can't seem to sell it fast enough before the next double-your-money buying opportunity presents itself.
If you keep doing what you are doing, You will keep getting what you are getting.
If you don't like what you are getting, You must change what you are doing.

GOLD is the money of KINGS.
SILVER is the money of GENTLEMEN.
BARTER is the money of PEASANTS.
DEBT is the money of SLAVES.
- Norm Franz
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Man with no money
Should not shop?
I drive men mad
For love of me,
Easily beaten,
Never free.

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Buy it when you have it.......covet it when you don't. There's no point in going hungry for the purchase of one more bit of shiny bro.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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We could chip in and buy him an R, alex.
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I usually sell things I don't need, or other investments that aren't moving, and buy silver or gold with that money. I also consider some SHTF items as investments, although I like shiny metals and 5.56 NATO mostly.

I also spend 1/2 to all of the cash that I make on secondary jobs on investing in gold, silver, SHTF stuff, or coinage.

My primary income goes to household things, and occasionally some of that is invested if there is excess.

But, there is always the run of dry time where I have *just* enough free cash to run the household, fix the cars, etc., and all I can do it watch the charts move around and think about when that next side job is coming.

Sometimes it's a bummer to watch the charts drop and not have any cash.

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I like the idea of trading silver with the gentlemen while keeping gold like a king and always appearing as a peasant...
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