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Broken Elevator Blues

So, I got a call from a new[ish] employee today around 3:30 or so. It seems he was in an elevator at the VAB at Kennedy Space Center today, and he got the ride of his life. Apparently, the elevator he got in to on floor 32 [about 435 feet in the air] was having "issues" today. The doors closed and the elevator began a textbook descent when all of a sudden it slam stopped, then started jerking then falling then jerking again then falling some more. Eventually, it ended up on the ground floor but the door wouldn't open. This guy was scared shitless, and I don't doubt that he took a bite out of his shorts with his ass cheeks.

I called OPS and told them elevator 11 was having problems and they went with the key to let the guy out. For the uninformed, these elevators are powerful enough and large enough to take a mid-size SUV from the ground floor all the way up with no problems. In addition, they have three fail-safe mechanisms to prevent an all out free fall, but this poor bastard didn't know that, so he was pretty shook up.

Anyhow, that was my afternoon.
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Scary stuff. The Titanic was also engineered to be unsinkable. Sometimes you can't anticipate every possibility when designing a complex system. At any rate, glad the guy is OK.
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Hey I woulda enjoyed the randomness and all that adreneline

.... then dropped into deep meditation ........

A real experience eh ?
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