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Arrow County pay cuts- and now bickering

I been in the area a long time-- of the 3-4 counties that make up the valley- one is always the laughing stock of the area. A 3 ring circus. It is fun to watch- but worrisome when it is on my dime.

Our commissioner meetings- ( yes our local activists go to them ) are fraught with lies, mud slinging- and threats of being arrested- it is common
and for a while humorous. Well that humor is wearing thin.

You can get a jist of how ugly it is getting -- read the comments on to the bottom. Remember the point of this thread is county finances.

So the commissioners are cutting their salary too-- what could be better? Northumberland county has a bit under 100,000 people. Hardly a mecca requiring metro talents. The kicker is THEIR pay cuts begin in 2016, the other employees take one 2014. Am I to believe that in 2016 this will actually happen? I doubt it.

Meanwhile the snipping of these employees- at least the ones of face book use their real names. I give them credit for that. The ones who use fake names as on this link- adds in a mix of who said what and why.

We are supposed to save a million $. Yay- cool- pencil me in. But hold up- the clown of a commissioner. (he IS a clown- more on that soon) earlier said we need a 7 million $ new prison- or we "might" be sued. This commissioner is being investigated by the FBI. He made threats against more then one person to "slash their throats" and have some "friends" (black) from Philly come and rough people up.

The cuteness of the mess is wearing thin.

I suspect the cuts are a horse and pony show- the preview to a HUGE onerous tax increase. County taxes go up at a rate that rivals the school tax- so that give you the idea.

Another thing to ponder- is our police chief I think is being strong armed into doing seat belt check points. The county interferes with my city and other cities in the county. The clown commissioner shows up- crashes the scene makes demands, and threats- a meeting the no one is threatened with being arrested is the golden age past here. Sadly.

I seldom cross post- but I am cross posting this.

The corruption at the local level stinks. I would bet your area is just as bad- you just dont know it.

A county commissioner making threats to slit throats, really?

Per capita the corruption here is as bad or worse then Chicago.
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Revote needed in Northumberland County

Written by Sara Bartlett on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 @ 10:13 AM ·
SUNBURY — A vote that determines the salary of row officers in Northumberland County will have to be taken again. Commissioner Vinny Clausi says the voting meeting held last week was improperly advertised in area newspapers. “What the ad said was a public hearing, but it was supposed to say a public meeting. Mr. Shoch told us the ad was wrong, so we want to make sure we correct it because anyone takes us to court and challenges us. We want to make sure it is right.”
There was a lot of backlash last week when the vote was taken and many employees’ salaries were cut by nearly 50%. Clausi says his vote will stay the same. “I will stay the same course, I will not change my vote because in four years we are going to save over $1.4 million. I am not raising any taxes to please the politicians.”
Clausi and Commissioner Stephen Bridy voted in favor of the salary cuts, while Commissioner Rick Shoch voted against them. The meeting is set for October 1 at 6:00p.m. in the Northumberland County Administration building in Sunbury. (Sara Bartle
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