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e-bike is coming!
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been dreaming bout an optibike for several years

ultimate ebike, with battery and drive motor all totally hidden .........

have ridden one and it makes all gradient feel like its downhill.
just cant quite bring myself to spending so much on a bicycle .... yet ....
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done

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You can buy moror assist biikes for around five hundred bucks, and they get around a hundred miles a gallon. You can go around 35 mph and run forever on a tank.

My kid has a 1977 [I think] Suzuki Shuttle moped. Actually, It's not really a moped because you can't pedal it, but it does about 75 miles a gallon on a two stroke engine of 50cc.

If I need to, I will confiscate it.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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This looks like fun:

But I'll keep my Volt. Gotta run out for groceries this AM but it will be fully recharged by afternoon - off the solar power.
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