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find a grave mystery

So my last uncle on my Dads side of the family passed away the other day.

This made me somber- figered I would update what I could on that site. Basically it is an online cemetary- free unless you want the delux- the basic is fine tho- I been there 8 years.

Well some person highjacked 2 people that are dear to me. The one I think I can let go- the other- no way in hell. SO I made my OWN listing of her. I said this is the real link. I know all of her family and I am correct. I posted pics to prove it as well.

Next- my aunt says my great grandmother is there. Well- I looked and it makes no sense what so ever. Riddle in- that both sides of my family changed there name- and my maternal grandparents added 1 letter to there name because of endless mail mix up- the other couple had both first names of gram/gramps.

Enter in another oddity- my email there goes to a dead account- so I see a message posted a year ago. She corrected where my grampa is buried- she has that right- she went onto say that my gram- is her moms great aunt. My gram had 3 kids. One never married. Mom married once and is widowed- the other son- had a very bad marriage and left PA because at the time his exes people were trying to kill him. His own daughter threw his azz in jail for child support. HELLO? You dont earn money in jail. Whats more- this girl- my grandparents did EVERYTHING for. I was the first born grandson- Tracy is the first born granddaughter. Ok-- so years go- by- yadda yadda. In the past approx 25 years she had no contact at all with my grandparents, she left them to rot. Supposedly she made a career as a pediatric nurse.

So the possible relative used a strange name. And that same name might have passed away in the year.
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Browsing the listings and found my aunt- she died in my grandmothers arms.
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