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Gems of sanity in politics

Hi guys,

I wasn't sure if this one belongs to our "European reality check" thread, maybe it does (feel free to move it there if you think so), but I thought, I will just start a thread, where we could put (rare) bits and pieces of political speech, that actually makes sense, and doesn't try & blow smoke up everybody's arse, instead. I will start with one of the UKIP members addressing the issue of corporate/social welfare state(s):

One must appreciate, how these words resonate in the European Parliament building today. UKIP members were first ignored, than ridiculed (some idiots who didn't get the memo yet, are still trying to ridicule them at times), now there's usually grave silence and dumbstruck expressions, by the rest of politicians "elites".

I guess next stage will be (according to Gandhi) "fight them", and lastly, they will win.
“...the issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to be fought sooner or later is the People versus the Banks.
Lord Acton
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Nice. Glad to see another video with Mr. Bloom. Looks like UKIP has more to offer than just Nigel Farage.

There aren't many USA politicians speaking truth in the empire of lies, so this thread is likely going to contain a lot of non-American politicians I expect. But let me offer this brave soul - a Mayor from the city of San Diego, California who recently set out to highlight the "dirty little secret" of jury nullification to combat the Federal Government's war on drugs:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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