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Liberty The Grinch is expected to leave on wednesday

Per FOX:

And the great thing is: He is so deeply in debt that he can't drop out, he can just suspend his campaign, i.e. his delegates don't go to Romney

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Last I heard, his campaign was $4.5MM in debt. A real fiscal conservative that walks the walk!
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Ron Paul, the last man standing against Romney! Tell you guys what:

1) Romney would be SMART to invite RP to speak (at the convention) and be nice and to listen to his views. And to send us some signals that he is real, and not just another psychopath.

2) If Romney wins the presidency, and the Senate goes to Team R (likely), then we will clearly see if there is any difference between Team R and Team D (which I would say there is some difference, just IMO).

The Rs would then have complete control for two years. We would then see if we just get BS or if we get "something". It will be very instructive.
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Thank you lord! So sick of that fat pompous globalist fanatic monkey-puppet.
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