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heal yourself with sound

Chapter 1 - Four Levels of How Sound Affects Us - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
The science on how sound affects us physically is well defined and proven by traditional physics. The science on how sound affects us mentally through brainwave entrainment is also really well proven and accepted because we can hook up an EEG unit and see the different brainwave states. How sound affects us emotionally is a little less clear, but there is so much anecdotal evidence of people being dramatically transformed. Quantum physics is starting to explain the whole world of Spirit and Source, but we still have a long way to go. However, sound is such a powerful tool for Spiritual transformation.

Chapter 2 – One Resonant Frequency vs. A Full Range of Frequencies
There are two basic schools of thought in the field of Sound Healing. The first is that each person has a unique resonant frequency that is the core of who we are. When we resonate this home note, we become more centered and grounded. We have had huge success healing many symptoms at our Sound Healing Therapy Center with this technique. A dozen researchers in the field also subscribe to this concept.

The second school of thought is that we need a balance of all frequencies. The research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and many voice analysis researchers have shown that when a person is missing a certain pitch or note in their voice, they are actually missing essential nutrients that can affect organs in the body or create learning disabilities. Some research also points to missing frequencies as the cause of autism.

Chapter 3 – Our Need to Come Home to the Home Note
I explain how to use sound to bring us into a state of complete and utterly breathtaking stillness – with very little effort. As many say in the field, “The best part about sound is when it ends.” A slow fade on the home note of a song’s key can leave one in a state of perfect peace. Many musical instruments do this naturally. Knowing these simple techniques provides the reader with the key to bringing ultimate peace into their lives.

Chapter 4 – Consistency as Higher Consciousness
Higher consciousness is not necessarily about a “higher frequency.” Physically, it is about resonating the natural consistent frequencies of a healthy cell or part of the body. Emotionally, is also about stability and consistent flow. Mentally, it is about focus and consistency. Spiritually is also about consistency. A consistent frequency is the essence of peace and stillness, which opens up portals to other dimensions and higher states of consciousness.

Chapter 5 – Our Need for Harmony
Health occurs in the body when all parts of the body are in harmony with all the other parts. However, dissonance can be an incredible tool for breaking up blockages and stuck energy that are getting in the way of harmony.

SECTION II – Everything is Vibration - The Hierarchy of Sound, Music and Energy

Introduction - Five levels of vibration

Chapter 6 - Pure Frequencies
Pure frequencies manifest tone generators, tuning forks and some crystal bowls. They are very powerful for focusing on specific issues or organs. There are also many archetypal frequencies that are effective for specific issues. We list the main ones, which you can then use for your own benefit.

Pure frequencies also manifest as “concert pitch.” The standard is that the note “A” is tuned to 440 hertz. However, there are other pitches that seem to be quite a bit more auspicious and have better effects on the body. Pure frequencies also come to play in tuning systems. When the frequencies of each note in a song are tuned to the natural frequencies in nature, they are way more powerful and effective.
Chapter 7 - Timbres (Tones or Harmonic Structures)
Most people believe that a single sound is comprised of only one frequency or pitch. The truth is that sounds normally contain multiple frequencies that have very specific mathematical relationships to the fundamental pitch. These are called harmonics or overtones and account for the different tonalities in sounds. Particular harmonic structures are activating; others are calming. This is critical to be aware of when choosing a sound for a particular issue. This mathematical structure found in each sound is also found throughout nature – in the distance between the planets, the weight of each vertebrae of the spine, the atomic structure of a sound, and at the quantum level.

Chapter 8 – The Beauty and Power of Noise
In physics, noise is defined as an incomplete waveform, so it actually does not contain frequencies. In this chapter I point out all of the sounds that are primarily noise – white and pink noise, the ocean, waterfalls, rushing rivers, shakers, whispers, and the breath – and how these sounds can be used to breakup stuck frequencies found in certain emotions, posttraumatic stress, and learning disabilities.

Chapter 9 – Musical Intervals and Chords
Musical intervals and chords are the relationship between two or more sounds. They can also be used to describe the relationship between any two things in the world – for example, two people, a person and a flower, two different colors, or two different planets. This section looks closely at the different states of consciousness that each musical interval tends to create in a person.

Chapter 10 – Music

Rhythmical Entrainment in the Body and Mind
Scientific studies show that rhythms affect heart rate, brainwaves, and even breathing patterns. This section looks at how these rhythms can be used to elicit a state of deep peace or pleasurable excitement. Certain rhythms can also induce trance states. We also discuss what makes a healing rhythm – one that breathes with subtle changes as found in nature.

The Power of the Flow in Music
I share a full list of parameters within music that create dynamics, each of which can create a full range of emotions and feelings. Certain types of music tie into the body’s biorhythms creating a much deeper experience. When the quality of the flow matches the mathematical patterns that are naturally found in nature and Spirit, it can cause powerful transformational experiences.

Chapter 11 - Energy
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I find that listening to classical music enhances my ability to concentrate by orders of magnitude. If I am listening to any one of my favorite piano pieces that are on my all time favorite list, I find I can de-fuse myself if I am ready to go all atomic on someone or over something.
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All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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