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Help! I am in the loony bin!

I have been thinking about posting this on the internet for the last three years or so. Now I figured I better do it now or forever forget about it.

Be warned, this is pure speculation. I may be dead on. Or I might be stuck in a loony bin.

Soon Independence Day, the 4th of July will be here. I think that day will be one of the most significant days in the history of the world and probably America, too. But why?

Well, come with me as I go off the deep end.

Roman Kingdom

In 509 BC, the Roman Kingdom was in its death throes. The citizens of the Kingdom gained INDEPENDENCE that year and formed the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic eventually morphed into the Roman Empire and then into the Holy Roman Empire.

Today, 2520 years later, the European Union as we know it is in its death throes. Something MUST happen and SOON. But what? As most people know, Europe was the playground of the Roman Empire. If history is any guide, the EU will be replaced THIS YEAR by a "new" Empire just as the Roman Kingdom was replaced millenia ago.

Roman Religion

Also in 509 BC, on the Ides of September, the temple of Jupiter was dedicated in Rome. This effectively revolutionized religion in ancient Rome.

This year, in September, marks the 2520th year since this revolution. Is that significant? I don't know. What I do know is that religion in Roman times was revolutionized at that time.

Assuming that there is significance here, what could we expect in September this year, specifically on the 17th of September, the 2520th anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Jupiter? Since there was a revolution in religion in Rome in 509 BC, 2560 years ago, it seems logical to me that a new revolution of religion will take shape this September again centered around Rome. But what?

The current Pope is 85 and talking about retiring, so this indeed could be time for radical change in the Vatican. So, will that be the day he "retires?" Or will he institute far reaching changes on that day, yet continue on as the Pope? No clue here. From a historical standpoint, something religiously significant must happen on the 17th of September 2012 in Rome.

The Inaugeration

On the 20th of January 2009, Obama was administered the oath of office and became the 44th President of the United States. There was one minor problem, though. He did NOT utter the oath of office as the Constitution stipulates. Therefore, on the 21st of January he again was administered the oath of office, this time uttering it exactly as the Constitution stipulates. Is this delay of one day significant? Yes.

Malachy Prophecies

Hundreds of years ago a person by the name of St. Malachy penned what is today known as the Malachy Prophecies. In a nutshell, it is a time line of future Popes continuing down to Pope Benedict XVI today. The Pope today is the LAST Pope directly mentioned in the timeline. There is one Peter the Roman mentioned after the end of the timeline, but it is not clear whether he follows Pope Benedict or whether Pope Benedict morphs into Pope Peter. In either case, the prophecies end either with the current Pope, or with a Pope following him.

Does this mean anything? The Popes think so. So what are the possibilities here? What is known for sure is that Malachy made a "normal" list of Popes, then almost as an afterthought mentions Peter the Roman, the only person noted by name in his prophecies. This indicates to me that Malachy thought that Peter would be something other than a "normal" Pope.

Based on a careful reading of the prophecies, there are only two possible conclusions. Due to the obscurity of the wording, it is impossible to know at this time which possibility is correct.

The first possibility plays out that Pope Benedict XVI, the current Pope, is the last Pope mentioned in the prophecies. Due to the Pope's age, this seems unlikely, but is possible.

The second conclusion is that the current Pope is the last in a long line of "normal" Popes and that the Pope following him will be radically different than any other Pope. This seems more likely to me.

The last part of the prophecies is very unclear whether the current Pope has a sudden major life changing shift and continues on to the end of the prophecies, or whether someone radically different from previous Popes takes over the Catholic Church. Either way, something will radically change in the Vatican. And either way, this is the end of the Malachy prophecies.

The Number 1260

In several places in the Bible, the number 1260 occurs in reference to days and years. It is always used as a yardstick to measure time from one major event to another event, either 1260 days or 1260 years down the road. Whether you believe the Bible or not is immaterial. The fact is that events in history DO occur 1260 days or years after other significant events of a similar nature. In the Bible 1260 days is sometimes referred to as 42 months, 3-1/2 years, or 3-1/2 times. And sometimes 1260 days and its cognates mean 1260 years. For example, the tribulation of Revelation is stated as lasting 42 months, or 1260 days.

The Number 2520

Of similar nature is 2520 years, noted as 7 "times" in the Bible. 2520 years is actually 1260 years twice in a row. Events throughout history regularly line up 2520 years apart. For example, Washington, DC became the Capital of the United States in 1800 when Congress and the President moved there from Philadelphia. This is exactly 2520 years after Samaria, the capital of ancient Israel, was conquered by Sargon II of Assyria in 721 BC. Hundreds, if not thousands, of examples like this can be found throughout history.

The Number 1335

This number is also noted in the Bible in conjunction with 1260. However, at this time, I have no clue how it fits into much of anything.

Independence Day, 4 July 2012

Now that the foundation has been laid, we can start putting this all together. Independence Day 2012 is exactly 1260 days after the Constitutionally correct inauguration of Obama. Is that a coincidence? Or was it planned that way? No clue.

Could his tenure in office be a "type" of a tribulation for America with America being freed from this "tribulation" on Independence Day this year? Again, no clue. But America is in tribulation with him in office. Will we gain our independence from this tribulation? Or will we lose what little freedom we have left? Or is this the start of even a greater tribulation? Or am I really buried in a loony bin?

The Romans gained their independence from the Roman Kingdom 2520 years ago. The Roman Kingdom then was in great turmoil. Europe is in great turmoil today. Will the current EU structure collapse or be overthrown and be replaced with a new "United States of Europe?" More importantly, will it happen on the U.S. Independence Day? We do not have long to wait to find out.

More importantly for America, what will our government do as a result of any events in Europe? What radical changes can we expect?

17 September 2012

Interestingly, another Biblically significant number can be attached to the Presidency of Obama, the number 1335. If you count 1335 days from his inauguration day forward you land on the 17th of September 2012. That day is Rosh Hashanah, or the "New Year's Day" of the Hebrew calendar, the same calendar used in the Bible (Our calendar did not exist then). No other President in history has had both numbers (1260 & 1335) line up like this. Is that significant? Again, no clue.

This day is also the 2520th anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Jupiter in Ancient Rome. It seems logical to me that there should be some kind of a revolution in religion in Rome on this day. Could this be the time the current Pope "retires" and Peter the Roman of the Malachy Prophecies assumes power? Or will the current Pope have a radical change of heart with him becoming Peter the Roman? Or do I belong in the loony bin?

The Near Future

I would watch for anything significant happening in Europe, America, Iran, and Israel on either or both of those dates. In addition, I would watch what the Pope says and does in the next few months. As for whom to watch, I single out Karl Theodor Freiherr von- und zu- Guttenberg, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), and Edmund Stoiber, all heavyweights from the German state of Bavaria (Bayern).

Down the road, we can expect another stock market crash in 2013, deeper than the 2008 crash. That is now guaranteed to happen now that Obamacare has been ruled as "legal." Why? For two reasons. First, a cursory examination of the 1930s would reveal that FIVE years after the 1929 crash, there was even a deeper crash, in 1934 to be exact. Five years after 2008 is 2013. More importantly, many major Obamacare provisions kick in at the beginning of 2014. Everyone, businesses and the general population alike, will be making extreme cutbacks in anticipation of the turmoil coming a few months later. Needless to say, another housing bust in coming as well as another stock market crash. And just like in 2008, we can expect to see a massive decline in commodities of all types, including gold and silver.

Even now as I write this, the housing market is again appearing to be very shaky as if it is getting ready to slip over another cliff. Everywhere I go I hear complaints of business being bad. The wrecking yards are selling scrap to pay bills, even though scrap has dropped 15% in price in the last 30 days. Auto shops are again locking their doors for lack of business, and those that remain open are not making money. I would not be surprised to see the current crush price for crushed cars in wrecking yards tumble from the current $250/ton to $20/ton during the next year, just like what happened in 2008.

When I look at gold and silver charts, I see no reason for either gold or silver to go anywhere but down for the foreseeable future. Same with the base metals, Aluminum, Copper, etc. Even the ferrous metals show signs of falling over a cliff. With Europe, China, and others in the midst of severe economic problems, I basically see nothing but down until they get their houses in order.

Further Down the Road

Dates that MAY have significance.

27 October 2012
9 April 2016
10 September 2018
30 September 2019

At this point in time, I have no clue how significant any of these dates may be. They just appear to have some sort of significance. With more research, I can probably eliminate or confirm any significance.


There is a lot of speculation here on my part. Even so, with all of the turmoil going on in Europe and elsewhere, this is worth considering as the turmoil grows.

I have posted bits and pieces of this on the internet for the last three years. However, until I wrote this, I have not posted the complete scenario publicly, though I have sent various renditions of this via email to many people.
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I think it is a complete hogwash. Looking backward, you can always pick more or less random numbers, and match real world events that will confirm their "significance". It is the same "law of big numbers" that applies here, as you have it in National Lottery. In short, every single participant, has very little chance (near zero, or practically zero), to win the lotto, yet every week, when you consider ALL players, there is near one (or practically certain) probability, that SOMEBODY will win - just because the number of random combinations being picked by all players, covers with good chance, nearly all possible combinations.

Similar to the "special" numbers in the "holly" book(s) (and don't forget, each and every one written by some man, in the end) - the number of events on the global scale is so big, you can always mix and match them, so that some correlation will be eventually found.

Speaking of significant event in Rome, well, it is quite possible that the Catholic Church will go belly up financially, in a short time. According to what I've read, Vatican is very much bankrupt. 2008 wasn't kind for their financial assets. As for the religious revolution, I don't think we will get possibly anything revolutionary in a positive sense, I think than utter secularization (for better or worse) of western societies is happening & accelerating. This, for natural reasons, happens at the speed of generation changes. From whom I know even here in Ireland, which is considered to be a stronghold of the Catholic Church, people couldn't possibly care less about the religion.

Next, as for the significant social/political change; remember, NOTHING will change, until the change is FORCED on politicians. Where are these massive demonstrations, demanding the change, forcing disgraced corrupted inside trading politicians to step down, where are these vocal demands for the bankers heads rolling? Few shmocks with blogs, like our humble selves, or ZeroHedgers, or some Russia Today daily shows, with maybe tens of thousands followers each? Please...

Let's not kid ourselves - the change for good (and for inevitable, in long term), as much as it is needed for the common folk to get some space to breath, is NOT that common folk is pressuring our overlords for. So I'd rather expect some really bad, disrupting crash, somewhere down the road, when government (in)actions cannot be sustained no more. Do you even see anything brewing under the surface, in terms of some social movement gaining momentum, that would be challenging for the status quo? I can't, hard as I try. These who still have work (usually - the ones with brain powers enough to comprehend some of the issues and directions required to put us on some healthy footing), are too busy working for all these who don't, plus the whole mountain of government waste on top of it - so they just don't have the time for that crap. These who don't have work any more, usually don't give two shits about that, for as long as these stupid fockers who still do work, are being forced to pay for their lifestyle (and the future interest payments on the debt taken on in the name of feeding them, because of course it is not enough to rip off these working idiots to pay for those non-working, it would never be enough, so let's borrow some)

As for Europe being possibly the next new Roman Empire - I do not think so. There's no leadership here, there are no mechanisms in place for any real charismatic leaders to emerge from the cesspits of today's mainstream politics, or to enforce anything "common" on the EU & company lot, there is too much divisions among the nations of Europe. Unless we are talking about the late stages of Roman Empire, when it was crumbling under it's own weight - well that is more likely.
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respect to you for sharing.

I have never been able to get excited about number patterns but at a recent talk about geometry, i began to see how some patterns and shapes ( hence numbers) are inevitable.
Having said that, im with bushi on the ease of finding 'ominous' number patterns. Just gotta be looking and you will find.

Theres a lot of doomsday predictions floating around and some fairly serious thinkers trying to work it all out, as i recently referenced with Clif High and the Remote Viewers teams.

We create our future by visualising it, at an individual and collective level.
i choose a rose tinted future and focus on it, especially when someone tries to impose their dark vision on me.

Fear is the controllers main weapon and pretty much all the scary events predicted, are an attempt to create a critical mass of consciousness to move us in that direction.

Choose light.
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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What would be groundbreaking would be for the Catholic Church to lose their tax-free status in the USA. The Catholic Church, I believe, is the worlds largest private real estate owner. Think about just how many significant properties they own outright.

If they had to pay tax on all of that, just in the USA alone, the bill would be staggering. Think also about just how much prime real estate they own in many of our high dollar downtown districts. I think they have a number of churches and cathedrals in NYC alone. I wonder how much all that prime RE is worth?

I don't put too much stock in numerology, but some do. There are traders out there making a living picking stocks and making deals entirely based upon fibbonaci sets.

Go figure [no pun intended] ( - ;
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Originally Posted by ancona View Post:
What would be groundbreaking would be for the Catholic Church to lose their tax-free status in the USA.
It is my firm belief that churches should NOT be tax-exempt entities any longer. When the bulk of money donated to churches was then redistributed to the poor, I can see the justification. However, that is no longer true. (The federal govt now fills that roll.) Just look at the huge mega-churches, rich pastors driving expensive vehicles, millions of church dollars being paid to lawyers and plaintiffs, etc., etc.

I rest my case, and won't get into a lengthy diatribe.
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Okay, bud. I think this is slightly relevant to your post. Higgs Boson

What really stuck out to me:
Quote :
4 July 2012 – the CMS collaboration "announces the discovery of a boson with mass 125.3 ± 0.6 GeV/c2 within 4.9 σ (sigma)" and the ATLAS collaboration announced that "we observe in our data clear signs of a new particle, at the level of 5 sigma, in the mass region around 126 GeV." These findings meet the formal level required to announce a new particle which is "consistent with" the Higgs boson, but scientists have not positively identified it as being the Higgs boson, pending further analysis.
Note that some of your numbers appear in their most recent evidence of a new particle.
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But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”
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