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Liberty house sale- idea is planted-

Chatted with the gal in back. She said her boyfriend loves my house. (He is a neighbor who cuts my grass)

I said- "he ought to buy it from me then". So we chatted. I said- particularly when Shirley passes away.

So who knows. I hope it did not blow it. My rule is I would sell it at market rate- but not give it away.

// I had an optimal day- was functioning well- did not have the cash to have him cut the grass one last time- so since I felt good- I got out the tools and did it myself. I have a pile ready of brush- and things put away for the winter.

The gal and back and I traded some groceries- it is like having twice as much!!! She also said- I could cram some of my garbage in her cans. (here in PA you subscribe to garbage pick up- and it they charge you by the bag)

I hope to bike over recycling today. I should be outside doing things.
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