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I had a fight w the county commissioner -candidate

The city wants a brand new community college. We currently do not have one. We have a batch of other schools- welding-vo teck- hair stylist- etc

I made the post that home owners will see property tax- increase $100-$300 a year- and this pertains to area counties who are in district.

So she jumped on me- dont post until you know the facts- and long and short of it- the college will be free.

It angers me that people want a new college- but they wont heed- that things cost money. Lets not fall for the grant, state funding- and other gimics. The future of colleges is online- like this...

She been working on this goal since 2010. She thru a tantroom- that I need to open my mind- and the business a new college would attact would pay for it. When I noted that you can self educate and go to MIT for free- she insisted- that you need a degree and that cost money. So what she is saying-its a toll way.

So- my area is about to jump on the boon doggle- I pondered the whole system- Kim is a lawyer- so she is an agent of the crown. I wonder now the silver to gold ratio is 69/70 oz. I almost want to buy- but I want to knock some debt down.

People do not get it. 2008 forever changed the country. We are not going back to happy days are here again.

I was looking at ETFs- guess which sector is doing pretty well? FOOD. food and utilities.

I dont like kim- because every chance she gets she sues the city the county- == she is a lawyer- well that is not free to the tax payer. Some see her as a maverick- but I see her as a leech
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Roger No. tax payers cant afford a new college. home owner is not going to like the extra $100-$300 a year tax. We closed that building because it is too costly to operate; so what changed that said building is cost effective to us. We pay money to bus kids far away- because that building is deficient. Tax payers better wake up- surrounding counties will also have to pay higher property taxes. Just remember- that guy Roger warned us.
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Lindsay You're the only one with a brain on this thread lol. You are 110% correct. Take Lewisburg for example, nobody wants to live there except people with a lot of money because the taxes are so high. A big reason is because of Bucknell. What sunbury doesn't need is another McCann. There's plenty of accredited schools around that have plenty of health programs, computer classes and even night classes. It's the point of how far do you want to go to better yourself? If you complain about driving to Bloomsburg or williamsport to continue your education, than you must not want it that bad.
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