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I think I made her mad.

So J was told by her landlord- she cleans her junk out of the furnace room, and has 30 days, or she and the junk will go.

This was Friday.

So she complains, goes out dancing on Saturday, complained on Sunday- today she talked to housing- and packed some boxes up stairs- and never talked to his wife WHOM SHE IS TO DEAL WITH.

I told her should she be downstairs right now going thru the first layer.

Do I sound mean?

There are tires there 14s and 15s - even tho she has no car.

YUP- call me and complain for 3 hours every day and that will fix it pronto!

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another tenant from hell (-:

Get a new tenant, cos its a chance to put the rent up and the new tenant usually behaves ok for a while. Use the deposit from the previous tenant, to fumigate and fit some new carpet.

breath a sigh of relief and wonder if im cut out to be a landlord ......
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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I agree with Rblong, git 'er done man. If you have a bunch of pack-rat shit, don't use it, don't need it........then shed it off man.

Some folks have a problem getting rid of crap because it doesn't necessarily have any intrinsic value, rather, it carries some sort of memory for them and they are bane to rid themselves of it.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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