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July 4th Rant

So, someone many of us know has informed us that his firm is closing down as a direct result of hyper regulation by the EPA. It would seem that the EPA would see as part of their mission a certain duty to the people of the USA to apply reasonableness and even handed regulation to all industries. It will not be in this case. The single lead smelter in the United States……..that’s right, the only one…….is closing down. The EPA, in their penultimate decision making and rule making capacity, has decided to apply rules so stringent that they cannot possibly be achieved, thereby using their regulatory power as a proxy weapon against a company that has not only won local awards for excellence of environmental design and cooperation with local municipalities, and a business that has been recognized within their group of industry peers as outstanding in performance and regulatory compliance and environmental consciousness, that they must close their doors, fire all employees and move their operations to a foreign fucking country.

Is anyone besides me just a little bit perturbed by the fact that although the current administration preaches about American Jobs, and Growth as a Nation, and about “Moving Forward”, we are doing nothing but moving backward? Every fucking time I turn on the ‘idiot box’ I am bombarded with bullshit by the incompetent idiots in charge of what is rapidly disintegrating in to a clown show. Until we are all dependent upon the government, Herr Obama will not be happy. His equally idiotic and despotic wife, who for some reason needs not one but two personal chefs and a list of “assistants and secretaries” 50 deep, thinks she has the power to tell us what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. I have some news for the bitch; I will eat a diet of fucking Dorito’s, Twinkies, Hershey bars and fucking Yoo-Hoo if that is what pleases me, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it, so get over yourself and go do something about that giant enormous ass you are dragging around behind yourself before trying to tell me how to live my life……….Bitch!

I ended my week on a very sour note last week, actually storming out in anger early on Friday and turning my phone off, as a result of my partner making decisions about my project that will ultimately cost us a hell of a lot of money in the course of the work, and possibly put what is a pretty big project in the red as a result. He pulled the ‘majority partner’ bullshit, which all by itself was infuriating, but added the whole I’ll make whatever decisions I want and that’s just the way it’s going to be. I am beginning to think it may be time to retire. I absolutely hate micromanagement, but I hate it worse when someone wants to manage something about which they have significantly less knowledge and experience than me, and are making decisions that are not in our best interests.

The Brotherhood of Darkness was hard at work all week, doing what they could to convince Europeans that more taxes, higher VAT and fewer jobs is good for the countries in which they live. Germany, of course, will necessarily foot the bill since they are the only country in mid and southern Europe that produces anything of any substance. The German people are none too happy about this and their constitutional courts have yet to rule on all the alphabet funds that are supposed to save the world from Armageddon.

The CEO of Barclays, Bob Diamond, is in the hot-seat today, and has been interrogated all morning by the parliamentary committee on finance. This weasel prick squirmed and lied his way through the first half of the grilling, and never once took any personal responsibility whatsoever for the Libor fixing scandal, instead claiming ignorance of the whole thing and painting himself as a fucking saint instead, claiming that he was forced out as a sacrificial lamb for the good of the company. Bullshit Mr. Diamond, you were forced out because if you really didn’t know about the scandal, you fucking well should have so that makes you either too stupid or too incompetent to be trusted with the position of CEO of one of the world’s largest banks. Every single time I see one of these bastards, and listen to their lies, I 2want to reach through the screen and slap the shit out of them. These guys really and sincerely think we are just that stupid, and that we should have complete faith and trust that everything they do is in the “best interests” of “the customer”. I want some of whatever these ‘tards are smoking.

Today is the fourth of July, our independence day. Ordinarily, we would be setting up the grill and readying a giant pile of fireworks, but with my daughter spending her summer in Europe, and my wife on a road trip with a girlfriend, I will instead be drinking some suds and eating frozen Skyline Chili instead. In contemplating our future, I have concluded that far too many people are blind to the freedoms we fought for so many years ago have been eroded to the point that we’ve become what we fought to escape. We now have the EPA flying spy drones over farmers cattle yards to search for evidence of wrongdoing without a proper warrant and reasonable suspicion, we have drones flying over residential neighborhoods looking for code violations [New York of course] and we have drone use being proposed for local law enforcement using the argument that it will make us safer and that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you shouldn’t have anything to hide. What the fuck are we doing here people? Why is this not being challenged? When are the fourth amendment lawsuits over the TSA and their unconstitutional and invasive pat-downs going to see the inside of a fucking courtroom? How about the militarization of our nation’s police forces? What the hell does a municipal police force need with a tank? When I saw our local cops at the range with their AR-15 carbines and their 40mm side arms, I had to ask them why they felt they needed that much firepower, given that we don’t really have anything close to a crime rate and or seriousness of crime to warrant their use. They replied that they didn’t ask for them, and that DHS gave them a grant and terrorism training, so they used the money to buy the gins and some robotic vehicles, along with two fucking drones.

Today is the fourth of July. Think about it for a minute or two before that barbeque, and ask yourself this question; “Are we really free”?

Sorry about the rant
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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Land of the free, only some (those with badges) are more free than others.

Nothing wrong with suds, chili and time for reflection on this fine day.
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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I do miss my Cincinnati chili, that is for damn sure.
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“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.
Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin.
But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”
– Ernest Hemingway

If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it - Mark Twain
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I'm sorry, Buddy. I feel your frustration.
The worst part about this kind of crap is that it makes you feel so you're powerless to change anything or make any kind of meaningful impact.
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I stopped providing major fireworks for the neighborhood a few years back. I was spending a couple thou a year to get the "good stuff" - not necessarily legal here, but it's pretty free here, mostly (I still had to go out of state to get the stuff).

I got complaints - where's our show we used to enjoy from our porches so we didn't have to go downtown (long drive from here)?

I mentioned what it had been costing me for their free show, and suggested if maybe they wanted to chip in a little, I'd keep doing it. I got zero dollars, just complaints. Then our fucking ignorant fire dept, who was doing the official show got someone injured (one of themselves) due to utter stupidity - would YOU look down the barrel of a mortar that didn't go off as planned right off? They might know how to put fires out (have my doubts) but this isn't that expertise at all. So now there is no show at all, and now I don't feel free enough to do it anymore even if I were paid.

Even here, probably the last bastion of any real freedom in this country (or one of very few)'s no longer free enough to be worth celebrating about - you're better off making sure no one else notices what little freedom we still have compared to the rest of everywhere in the US, because if they do - they'll fix that little omission.
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Nice rant ancona.
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