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Languishing in exile...

Languishing in temporary exile here at the office. My wife has a friend and their ex-teacher of Italian (a real Italian, does not speak English, yes indeed "The Magic City" has it all!) over for lunch. Speaking in Italian... Like I am going to stick around for that!

Disclosure: I start Italian myself next Saturday. I had read that learning a foreign language was the best brain exercise there is. Well, we'll see...

So upon leaving our apartment on a Sunday, I decided to take "make lemonade out of lemons." Since the gold store is closed on Sundays, I decided to go buy the next best thing: booze! Partly in solidarity with my buds (booze for barter) here at and partly because I LIKE Absinthe and Raspberry Vodka (previously discussed long ago on another thread), I went and STOCKED UP on both. And picked up lunch. Great! One hour down, three more to go. At least the weather is nice, a bit nippy at 77 F, we are almost back up to ancona's measure of where life really begins (at 80 F).

So, I have decided to start a new project, using statistics to look at our bearing sales from 2009 - 2011, to see if I can tease out any new actionable patterns... I use the statistics program "S", which is pretty much the same as statistics program "R", the latter is downloadable for FREE (look around for it). The only problem with S and R is that are both very hard to use. Command lines, etc. And it takes a LONG TIME for me to select the data from my database, set it up JUST RIGHT in MS Excel, move the data over to S and figure out how to do those routines (again).

Or I could just spend some more time here in our cozy community or even waste time over at Zero Hedge (or both) to avoid having to expend mental energy on a Sunday... Hmm. We'll see how this goes. Dessert has just started...
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Originally Posted by DoChenRollingBearing View Post:
I had read that learning a foreign language was the best brain exercise there is. Well, we'll see...
I would suggest that the bug profile is probably more 'left brain'
better at learning and understanding concepts and shapes
thinking in pictures
problem solving
spatial awareness

not the rote learning of facts n figures, zig means zog, kinda stuff ......

thats my excuse anyway .... lucky i had to learn english then (-;
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