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Question Magnetic north pole on the move

From last month:
Quote :
Earth’s magnetic pole is moving in the direction of Siberia and away from Canada. This is something that scientists have been tracking for a long time. ... the direction of the drifting pole has been roughly the same for as long as scientists have been tracking it. The speed is the issue.
Every five years scientists recalculate the location of the magnetic pole. This is important information for global navigation, which includes GPS satellites and other technology. These changes can make a big difference in our everyday lives.

Scientists at NOAA and the British Geological Survey check how accurate the World Magnetic Model is every year and when they did their check this year they noticed some large differences. Primarily that the pole’s movement had sped up. The location data for the pole was supposed to last until 2020 before it needed to be updated but according to experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it needs to be updated now.
The global model was off because of a geomagnetic pulse the occurred beneath South America in 2016. ... The poles movement has sped up in recent memory from 9 miles a year in the 1990s to about 34 miles a year at present day. A new model needs to be implemented as soon as possible and even then they will have to rework the model again in 2020. Until then navigation might be affected.

What caused the geomagnetic pulse beneath South America is unknown. ...

Quote :
Scientists on Monday released an emergency update to the World Magnetic Model, which cellphone GPS systems and military navigators use to orient themselves. It’s a minor change for most of us — noticeable only to people who are attempting to navigate very precisely very close to the Arctic.
The planet’s magnetic field is generated nearly 2,000 miles beneath our feet, in the swirling, spinning ball of molten metal that forms Earth’s core. Changes in that underground flow can alter Earth’s magnetic field lines — and the poles where they converge. Consequently, magnetic north doesn’t align with geographic north (the end point of Earth’s rotational axis), and it’s constantly on the move. Records of ancient magnetic fields from extremely old rocks show that the poles can even flip — an event that has occurred an average of three times every million years.
Curiously, the south magnetic pole hasn’t mirrored the peregrinations of its northern counterpart. Since 1990, its location has remained relatively stable, off the coast of eastern Antarctica.
Some have speculated that Earth is overdue for another magnetic field reversal — an event that hasn’t happened for 780,000 years — and the North Pole’s recent restlessness may be a sign of a cataclysm to come.

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