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Manning and Snowden

I read an article talking about Bradley Manning and comparing what he did to Snowden as regards information leaks, but failed to see a real connection other than the help they both received from Wikileaks. While Manning dumped a huge quantity of materials, he gave it all to Wikileaks, who at least in my eyes, dropped the ball by not revealing all the damaging materials they had. With Snowden, he needs to find safe haven, where he says he will reveal far, far more damaging materials to help "wake Americans up" about the tyranny that is currently unseen, but affecting us all nonetheless. What are the opinions of board members on this issue?

I am of the opinion that the sooner all this info is revealed, the sooner it will come to a head and the greater the impact. If it is dribbled out, GovCo has an opportunity to take the issues on one at a time and to do so under their own terms. If multiple issues are brought to light at the same time, there can be no explaining it away. I say bring it on......all of it!
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ancona, I really do not know what to make of Snowden. Something just does not feel right, it's not adding up to something that seems reasonable. But, I know nothing. It just feels all messed up!

If Snowden has the goods (lots of files of really damaging information), then Putin will have (or already has) it. Same for the Chinese.

And even if he does have a lot, maybe it is just not all that important... We all knew before Snowden that the NSA was actively spying on almost everything.
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Manning released a ton of data without really knowing what the data contained. If anything, Wikileaks didn't self-censor enough initially to protect people in harm's way.

Snowden knew exactly what he was doing - what information he was releasing and what the Feds would do afterwards (thanks to having seen how Manning was treated). Snowden didn't release his info to Wikileaks. He contact Glenn Greenwald (a respected journalist). Greenwald & The Guardian have been much smarter about how they publicized the information (and what they have - so far - censored).

After reading this morning about XKeyscore, I'd say that Snowden did not exaggerate his claims. If there is any vestige left of the ideals of liberty and freedom in the hearts of American people, they owe Snowden a debt of gratitude.
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I don't think there was anything surprising about what Snowden released. The only surprising thing was how surprised everyone seemed to be. Of course the NSA is tracking everything. That's what they are paid to do. We have no privacy unless you want to disconnect and go completely off grid. Even then I have a feeling they know where you are, or have the means to find you if they are motivated enough. Bin Laden learned that lesson the hard way. So this is where we are now. We trade liberty for security.

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The retired General merchandise manager at the grocery I work for worked for NSA for twenty years. He was in the store the other day, and I asked him what he thought of Snowden. He went apoplectic and I thought he was going to stroke out. "They should execute that bastard as soon as they get him." A lot of people out there like that...
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Let's execute more people who reveal the men behind the curtain..gotcha...

So....when did the US go communist?

I think I missed an email or something?!?!

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