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my discharge came! yes

It is dated the 8th.

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Well Done Penn !

So is it now entirely your property and you can finally cut the grass ?

Do you feel wealthy or just relieved to be clear of debt ?

Are you going to try and help others in the same boat ?

A good friend of mine got into trouble a few years ago and eventually realised he could take on the corporates using template letters he read about and was amazed at the results.

He has since set up a website that has helped large numbers of people and is acknowledged to have stopped several from taking the ultimate exit strategy

He seems to cover US as well as UK debt issues
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if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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Friends and loved ones seem to be placed at ease when I tell them I can help them.

I feel like this is a huge accomplishment. I also have a nagging question that more might need to be done- in that file to vacate motions are not mentioned. However in the event that I sell my house- that could be part of my closing costs I am thinking- the heavy lifting is done.

As ANO advised dont make any wild moves for 6-8 months. As you recall- the valuation of my house was a concern in that if I was forced to revalue my coins- the cushion would not be there. The cushion is there so- I am good to go. YES!

Im abit out of sorts with the weather- but happy- very happy this is a long time goal and would have cost as must as $2000 to have a lawyer do it- I am in it for $60.

oh- I still have to pay the mortgage- but the equity in the house may have been a problem.

Also- cash is very tight- I may have to cash in a few coins- ($400) if I do so- it wont be anyone looking over my shoulder. ANA said not to worry about that- but I hate surprises.

The reality has not sunk in. This cold and this event is making me WANT to close the house up for a month and go to my brothers in Florida.
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