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My house- thoughts...

Of the neighbors- one pays $525 rent and one $600 for a townhouse. Mine is single family corner house with covered parking. I have maybe 500 more square feet- and a botanical garden lovely for outdoor entertaining. In addition, I have views of the river- and that view is to the west. and south with a southern exposure.

I pondered renting out my house and buying some other place. It can take 2 years to sell a house here.

I can not get a new mortgage yet- as I did a chapter 7 last year.

The place in the country- I would like is $23k. If I sold silver- that is more then the 500 oz a normal house should be.

Then there is a fixer upper- an hour from here for $3,500. It looks like it has potention- average house there is 38k- $130k. Lets say this house- which has a view and off street parking- 1 car garage... is worth 30k if placed into service. To buy it you have to put the offer into a govt website- it is as is. I wondered if it has mold. The roof is bad I am sure.

Then 2 blocks from here is a house- was a double now a 1. It is bank owned. They want $15k. The taxes are 1100, should be no more then $700. When they made it into one house the tax office- I doubt adjusted the mils.

As far as getting excited- the place in the country- excites me. The value is limited to most- it was an old church- there is a graveyard...on a hill, and 850 sq feet 2 bedrooms. A family would want more space- the yard would not hold a swing set- due to hill.

Realtors do not like to work. They want houses that are $120k- thats where they rake in the 6% commission. They do not work nights or weekends.

I could maybe rent my house to the neighbor who pays $600. My payment is $230.

My total credit card debt is $2800. There is no interest till Sept 2015.

It is too bad that 500 oz of silver wont buy that house in the country. There are no neighbors. None. There is a view of a lake-- the view is better then the guy who owns the lake.
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Old 10-17-2014, 06:05 PM   #2
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scratch the 23k house in the country- there is a cash contract on it. umm- would be a deal breaker- as part of the ownership I would have to maintain the cemetary.
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maintaining the cemetary would be a job for a goat or a couple of sheep .........

Keeping all those troubled spirits out of your life might be a bit more interesting though (-;
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if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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on further thinking- I think I want to simplify my life.

Keep it simple. Why does that become elusive?
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I been redoing- the window treatments here. I could go around in circles. At least it is just me to decide if I like it or not. I got fancy $300 vertical shades like new for $30. I am surprised I got that installed. Each time I do a new project- things get moved around.

I was going to hang some mirrors...

But- sometimes I do a project and then change my mind. I want to be able to have full sunlight- but then shut it all for the night.
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