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Yellow Jacket
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my latest ebay purchase

Cash is VERY tight. I did however have a rebate of $6.09. I had to use it right? So- in terms of silver content I over paid- but for the condition of a dated liberty quarter- I did ok. (rebate had to be used this month)
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Big-eyed bug
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Part of having a sound 'financial plan' for the future includes NOT being cash strapped so tightly that you cannot afford to live a few months without a cheque from work or some tax-payer-funded social program coming in.

It is not good to run constantly so close to the wire. There is no room for a slightest margin of error with things that are totally out of your control yet will directly impact and seriously affect you.

Save some cash and put it aside.
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Yellow Jacket
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Actually I might have to sell some gold. I had a car and house repair come up.
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