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my thoughts on ron paul home school media bash

So some woman reporter came down on dr paul for wanting 20% of the women/parents- to home school.

Female anchor confronts Ron Paul over plan for women to quit work en masse and home school

BBC anchor Katty Kay on Thursday asked former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) if his libertarian plan to have 20 percent of children home schooled made sense because so many women would have to drop out of the work force, but the former congressman insisted that even a woman living at a shelter with two jobs could find a way to do it if she worked hard enough.

During an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to promote his book, The School Revolution, Paul said he wanted to offer families an education alternative that emphasized “the importance of the individual versus, you know, everybody coming together.”

“I want people to be able to home school their children,” he remarked. “Not everybody, this is designed to pick out the leaders who want to. And maybe 20 percent might be interested in doing this. But these would be leaders who would be talking about running for Congress and understand why the Federal Reserve is a problem.”

But Kay, who was guest-hosting, noted that “if you want to get to 20 percent of children who are being home schooled, that’s going to mean a vast drop of number of women in the workforce because it is largely women who are doing the home schooling.”

“A lot of women can’t afford to give up their jobs and home school their children, a lot of families can’t afford that, and do we actually want to encourage women not take part in the workforce because we know how valuable that diversity is?” Kay pressed. “I’m concerned about advocating home schooling on this level, when women are having such a hard time already staying in the workforce.”

“Those are the problems created by what I’m trying to correct,” Paul insisted. “Because they have to be in the workforce and they have to work and not take care of kids because of the system that we have because it’s survival for them.”

“There’s going to be choices to be made and some people will go out of their way for their children,” he continued. “I saw an article yesterday of a woman working two jobs and she was living in a shelter and she couldn’t pay her bills because her cost of living goes up much faster than wages. That’s another characteristic of this monetary system. So, that is a consequence, why they have to work.”

“But if people really want to get it done, they can.”


How many moms would LOVE to be stay at home moms? When did we go from woman in the work place is the only best place for them to be?
Why is 20% a number to be alarmed over?

Why do we assume the best role in society for a woman is to be a corporate yes man?

Would the need of baby sitters open up an occupation for woman who then could do work?

Why is it an automatic presumption that every household must have 2 incomes to be a household?

Which woman are insulted that a a job not teaching kids is a wasted life?


I find this discusting. Only the state is qualified or worthy enough to raise kids.

Children are our future- where is the outcry that a woman is best designed to be in a work place?

Since when does raising kids render a person a non job, and a lesser member of society.

Factor in- this arrest- this parent now faces jail time for asking question about common core.

In case you missed it the 4th grade is taught about pimps in common core.

Next we have the lowest work place participation in decades. How is 20% of moms who leave this work pool a threat to society.

Also we have some of the biggest corporate names lobbying for immigration amnesty- they claim they can not get qualified workers here in the US. Those same corporations, have laid off 10s of thousands of workers... they seek amnesty reform to hire workers- that thus can not be found in the US. In other words the want amnesty to hire workers are cheaper prices.

My sister is a stay at home mom. I cautioned her on common core. She now has a heads up.

How dare corporate media pull this stunt.

Ron Paul is a bad man- he wants to delete 20% of the woman from the work force. BTW-who said home schooling MUST be done by a mom? I could also be done by a dad- and for that matter a group of houses could get together and share the project.

Ron Paul has also retired. He has a rinky dink ron paul channel which essentially is a 45 min segment 5 days a week- basically a series on you tube.

Today in school- they no longer teach cursive hand writing- it is not needed. There is talk of also not teaching math- since we have smart phones there is no need to know math.


So when I was a kid- it was the preferred goal to have a stay at home mom. Now today in 2013- it is an insult to woman everywhere that some old fart, ron paul- (who is not running for president) to impose this on others.

What a crock.
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As Stefan Molyneux once said, it all boils down to this: Who do you serve?
Would you rather serve corporate masters, so you can pay the state to school your kids, or would you rather stay home and do it yourself? Of course, it's in the best interests of the state for both parents to work, so more taxes can be extracted and school becomes a necessity. And of course it's in the best interest of the child to do the opposite.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

H. L. Mencken
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most of our friends homeschool. Bing refuses to homeschool, but since she is a teacher, the kids are double doomed. (I only have one 12 year old still in primary school anyway). He gets frustrated because what we tell him frequently directly conflicts with what he learns in school (example the school teaches him that Abraham Lincoln loved blacks and the civil war was about freeing them) when in reality Abraham Lincoln despised blacks, thought they were genetically inferior and should never be allowed to breed with whites, and he said that if there was any way to avoid ending slavery he would do it, but he had to abolish slavery in order to win the war.)

Yesterday I saw that they have re-written the 2nd amendment in the history book to read: The second amendment grants the citizen the right to carry a long rifle if he is a member of a state militia. No wonder Johnny can't read.

Bing refuses to teach in the United States. She says the kids are brats.

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