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North Dakota's oil boom has created a new market for Mexican drug cartels and pimps as relatively ri

North Dakota's oil boom has created a new market for Mexican drug cartels and pimps as relatively rich workers look for ways to spend their wages.

As soon as reports of big money being made in the Bakken area of North Dakota, criminal elements sought to exploit the situation.

The FBI has said that their officers have seen a major increase in drug smuggling and prostitution since the modern-day oil rush began
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kinda goes with the territory really ......

why wouldn't drugs and prostitution move to the hard working, hard playing boom / frontier towns ?

no doubt the FBI officers are doing ok from the same cash flows
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The murder rate has skyrocketed here too, along with all the other crime. Auto accident deaths are super high now as all the people coming from parts south have no clue how to drive in the winter. The good thing is it is seriously slowing down. There are now actually tons of empty rooms even in Williston now which was unheard of even a year ago. They've been building like crazy trying to keep up, many of the city planners were being cautious cause they went through a boom/bust that went bust back in the early 80's and housing prices plummeted there. The oil companies kept saying this was a minimum guaranteed 20 year boom and after about 7- 8 years everyone said ok, lets go all out and add new infrastructure, make 2 lanes into 5, add a truck bypass route, new water lines, power lines, sewer, build new schools etc. It's now gone POP and the companies that guaranteed 20 years of boom are mostly gone with the wind and the cities and counties are left holding the bill to pay for all this while the tax revenues and oil revenues have plummeted. Of course there is still a lot of oil field trash hanging around causing trouble. Hopefully it stays slow for a few years and it give L.E. a chance to catch up. That might be hard as many of the veteran officers/deputies bailed for better paying jobs with the oil companies. One town in the patch had an officer that had been on the job for about 8 or 9 months when due to the fact that he was the only officer left on the force was now the chief of police. When they showed him on T.V. he looked like he was about 16 but I'm sure he must have been at least early 20's but that is still pretty damn young for a chief of police in an oil boom town with crime running rampant.
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parts of PA has a fracking boom too- so that is what made me look at this link
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