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Oil Platform Fire

Down in the Bay of Campeche there is a massive oil rig on fire and all 300 workers have been evacuated. This means the thing is burning out of control and all they can do is keep spraying water on it.

I suppose the next step will be to dump a few million more gallons of Corexit in the water to kill whatever remains of the sea life that used to be so abundant in the Gulf.
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Is that the one that is run by Mexico? If so, you know they are just going to barry to clean it up, and he'll trip over himself trying to give them money, guns health care, visas and anything else you can think of.
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Quote :
In a statement later Wednesday, Pemex said the accident "did not cause an oil spill into the sea, given that there was only a seepage, which is being taken care of by specialized vessels."

The company said it had been able to cut off pipelines to avoid a spill, and suggested that the oil remaining in the pipelines was burning off.

This is not like the BP deal.
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So even Mexico does oil disasters better than the U.S. More proof that Rome is falling IMO.
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