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patent troll 2/3 of lawsuits

Patent trolls now account for 67 percent of all new patent lawsuits
By Brian Fung July 15


Despite the sudden collapse of patent legislation in Congress earlier this year, most policymakers agree that patent trolls are a huge drag on the U.S. economy. By filing one frivolous lawsuit after another, trolls extract enormous payments from companies simply by claiming infringement — they don't have to do very much to back up their assertions, nor do they have to be using the patents to sue.

A new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that the problem is getting worse: While monetary awards from patent lawsuits are decreasing overall, patent trolls — also known as non-practicing entities because they simply stockpile patents without making anything with them — are making way more off of litigation than their practicing counterparts. Even as the median award has shrunk over time, awards to trolls are only growing.


In fact, PwC finds, patent trolls' median awards are now three times higher than those of other companies. Non-practicing entities (NPEs) also account for an increasing share of all patent lawsuits filed, at 67 percent. That's up from 28 percent just five years ago.

Even though most of these cases either get dismissed or settled out of court, those that do go to trial often end in victories for the trolls — largely because the cases are being filed in troll-friendly courts, like the Eastern District of Texas.

Congressional legislation could make it more difficult for trolls to launch new lawsuits. The latest effort would have required the loser in a lawsuit to cover the winner's legal fees and for NPEs to state more clearly what was being infringed at the outset. A House version of the bill passed overwhelmingly earlier this year, but the Senate version came apart at the last minute.

There's a burgeoning push to revive patent legislation in the House, focusing on a bill known as the TROL Act. But it still has a long road ahead — and critics say the measure is much weaker than its predecessor.
Brian Fung covers technology for The Washington Post, focusing on telecom, broadband and digital politics. Before joining the Post, he was the technology corresp

update- the guy who is going to fix it owns 37 patensts..... see here
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I've got 3 patents pending at the moment. My lawyer has advised that by the time the patent office gets around to reviewing them, it's likely the SCOTUS will issue a ruling or two which changes the landscape for software patents (ie. they could be worth less than toilet paper).

NPEs that function as lawsuit trolls are a big problem, but there is a valid function for patents when little guys innovate and deserve to profit from their work.
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No PM. reform would mean those who swipe it- not the actual inventers. Ideally.

If you are smart enough to invent something, I deeply admire you.

Plug in patent trolls to google- note how places we do businesses are consumed with lawsuits- you are paying this way (too)

something has to be done.
somethiing will be done
however I dont trust big shots to fix things- in that we get problem reaction solution. are screwed now- we all are. once form happens- you might be less screwed. Genuine patents should be worth more.

If I could offer advice on lawyers and professionals... they are not always 100%. Do you research. The ans may be the same- but you get nuggets of knowledge that could be valuable and pay off.
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