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Photos and Comments from Peru. A CONTEST!


You all get a crack at this before all the Zero Hedge people...

I did not just sit around and count bearings and read mining journals all day while down here...

Some of you will likely enjoy at least some of these photos:

-- Peru´s biggest newspaper says that Peruvians don´t think much of "Chavismo"
-- Surfer-Dudes in the Pacific (kind of a big sport down here)
-- Ing. Luis Vargas Barbieri, the Director of Minas y Petroleo, very decent gentleman
-- A couple of interesting ads from his paper
-- Dinner with three Ameru customers (and four of us)
-- Alondra´s first birthday and Baptism celebration!
-- Peruvians are proud of their country, here´s some evidence
-- Little Alondra with her proud grandfather!
-- Two more cousins, Viviana and Mauricio
-- CHINA´S most popular pickup truck!

and, the Contest Question:

-- WHAT is so unusual about the "QR" code? 0.05 Bitcoin prize (now worth almost $30) for first correct answer (MUST be by Comment at my blog, you will need a Bitcoin wallet (now, or later OK) to collect the money).

Good luck! Get cracking!

The link below will also take you to the other three articles I wrote here in Peru.

Saludos from Peru, tomorrow we are BACK in the USA!

Last edited by DoChenRollingBearing; 03-25-2014 at 08:03 PM. Reason: QR code. not QC, sorry. ZH still has not solved, chumba is PO´d!
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I looked at the QR code and cannot see where ONE additional pixel would connect all four sides. TWO pixels, yes, ONE, no.

So, what am I missing?
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mmerlinn, you are correct, I re-examined the QR Code and see that it takes two pixels to reach the "west" side (left). If that had been done, all four sides would have been connected.

"El Capo" is almost uncomfortably close to "El Chapo", the Public Enemy No. 1 they just caught in Mexico...

El Capo is not from Zero Hedge (apparently), but from bitcointalk.

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Just read through your blog and comments. I find it hard to believe that it is unusual for a QR code to have a connecting trail from one edge to another. I'm not familiar with the QR code design (or the math that rules it), but it would seem that given a large sample of them, it wouldn't be that rare.
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