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Private versus Public

Public version: This will take over a year and cost millions

Private version: Everyone that needs that road pitches in to help and gets it done in EIGHT DAYS!

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Absolutely awesome and absolutely pathetic all in the same place. It disgusts me that the government overpays for everything with their multiple layers of bullshit. At the same time, I am glad these people pitched in and did it for themselves.
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Another great example of how free markets do not fail. When the free market doesn't produce something it is because that thing is not highly desired enough. When people really do want something, they make it happen one way or the other.
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we do clearing and basic repairs to little used green lanes and gave up talking to the authorities cos all they wanted to know was that we had done the risk assessment and had all the necessary insurances and welfare facilities.

We opted to use the more pragmatic JFDI approach ........
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