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Review of "Pillar to the Sky" (Wm Forstchen)


Anyone interested in space and technology (hey, I AM thinking about a few of you!) might want to check out this book. It is a "near future" account of building a "space elevator", something I knew almost ZERO about before reading it. Forstchen thinks BIG!

Forstchen wrote the book One Second After a couple of years ago, about an EMP attack (and aftermath, not pretty).

And THAT has taken a bunch of my time since arriving here in Peru a few days ago.

Highly recommended.

Review Of: Pillar To The Sky (William Forstchen)
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Just finally got around to reading his "One Second After" I'm almost finished with it. I liked reading Sci-Fi when I was younger, not that much into it anymore, but I do still like the genre for movies & T.V.
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