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Salmon for dinner!

My friend on another website sent me 35 pounds of wild salmon filets which arrived this morning. They are absolutely beautiful! A few filets on the top of teh cooler partially thawed out, so we'll be grilling those tonight for supper, along with some nice collard greens and tomatoe salad from the garden.

I am supposed to send the cooler back immediately because King Salmon season is about to begin, and he predicts that he will be sending me two more cooler loads of fish! So far, we still have about forty pounds of filets in the freezer, then add 35 pounds from today and we have a friggin fish fiesta! Folks, these are all boneless filets of wild salmon! Are you jealous yet?

BTW, I send him one generic ounce, one silver quarter and one silver dime per load. It works out to about $2 per pound when we add in shipping.
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That stuff is delicious dude. I'm guessing he is sending it down packed with dry ice? I was stationed in Anchorage for a few years, and our platoon sergeant used to go out fishing before midnight when the salmon were running and catch his limit for the day. Then after midnight, he'd catch the next days limit and then cook a bunch up for us with butter and garlic.

I'd say you are getting a pretty good deal on the stuff..I'd definately trade a little phyzz for some filets.
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Yes, I'm jealous. That's a good friend indeed!
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Best salmon I've ever cooked, I didn't grill. I put it between two deep-dish plates in the microwave, with butter, lime, and dill on top, and nuked it for a few minutes. Came out so tender it was hard to pick up a good sized chunk with a fork - you'd have never gotten it off a grill without it falling through.

Yum! They always try to feed me that stuff at the sushi place, but frankly, this is one that's better cooked than raw. Gimme tuna, yellowtail, even mackerel raw. Gimme salmon, octopus, and a few others cooked. I WILL drink the hot wine along with the raw fish, though.

Too bad that stuff is hard to ship, I'd be hitting on ancona for a little.
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